Photo: Press [Shervin Lainez]

Jason Mraz has gone into further detail about his coming out journey, including why he waited to share his sexuality publicly.

In 2018, the singer-songwriter wrote a love letter to the LGBTQIA+ community as part of Pride Month, where the line “I am bi your side, always” led fans (and the press) to believe that he had come out as bisexual.

The following month, he told Billboard that he had sexual experiences with men during his marriage to ex-wife Christina Carano. In the years since, Mraz has been open about his sexuality.

In a recent interview with actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson on his Dinner’s on Me podcast, the ‘I Won’t Give Up’ singer revealed that he waited to publicly come out due to social attitudes towards homosexuality.

In the ’90s, being gay was like [the] punchline of a joke, and I didn’t want to be the punchline of a joke,” explained Mraz, who chose to keep his “nose down” until he could “get out and see the world one day”.

Although Mraz praised his parents as “very supportive”, he reflected on how his “conservative street” in Virginia impacted his personal journey with his sexuality.

“I still took with me the conservative street that I grew up on, and that was very hard to ignore or to break out of,” said Mraz.

“I was very shy and and scared of what my family would say, or what my hometown would think or just whatever.”

Despite describing himself as a “late bloomer”, Mraz said his life is “just starting”: “I love where I am and I feel so much love for myself finally that can only enhance the next relationship, when I find one.”

Mraz is best known for his singles ‘I’m Yours’ and ‘I Won’t Give Up’; the former was nominated for two Grammy Awards and made history when it spent 76 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100.

Last yer, he released his pop and disco-influenced eighth studio album, Mystical Magical Rhythmical Radical Ride, which was met with positive reviews.