Drag Race star Jasmine Kennedie came out as transgender during the latest Untucked.

Episode seven of Drag Race season 14 saw the queens deliver their most dramatic performance yet on The Daytona Wind soap opera.

In one of the season’s biggest twists, Mama Ru announced that none of the queens were in the bottom – which meant everyone was safe from elimination.

While the judges critiqued the queens’ performances, the remaining contestants chatted about the surprising twist.

The conversation was then interrupted by TS Madison, who gave the ladies some sage advice regarding life after Drag Race and family support.

“You know we go through hard times, we fall down… but we don’t stay down,” she said.

After a heartfelt meet up with the beloved guest judge, the conversation then turned to gender identity.

Bosco, who recently came out as trans, opened up about her journey and revealed that she thought of transitioning during the pandemic.

Following Bosco’s statement, Jasmine revealed to the queens that she also identifies as transgender in a tearful coming out speech.

“Before coming here, I was about to start hormones and coming here, I was scared and I didn’t want to have to go through that process while going through this,” she explained.

Jasmine then praised Kerri Colby for her confidence and said that the LA-based queen helped her feel comfortable in her identity.

“Seeing Kerri, seeing how confident she is in who she is, it just further affirmed what I’ve been feeling my whole life. I as well definitely do feel like I’m trans,” she continued.

“And I’ve been so scared to say it. I have held back from it for so long because I didn’t want to hurt my dad. But I can’t lie about it anymore. I am trans.”

After the tearful revelation, the queens immediately supported the New York-based talent with reassuring words and praises.

Jasmine then revealed that she would take the next steps in her transition after her time on Drag Race – while also highlighting Kerri as one of her inspirations.

“Kerri, you are the idea of what I want to be so bad. You are so beautiful. If I can even be half of that, I would be happy,” she said.

To which Kerri responded: “The energy that you need, you hone in yourself. You don’t have to find that. Because the woman that you are is housed within you.

“And the fact that you had the strength to bring that forward is the affirmation that you were needing to push yourself to into who you were going to be.”

Shortly after Untucked aired, Jasmine took to Instagram to give further insight into her inspiring journey.

“Growing up, I always felt different. I never really fit the mould of what society has panned out for me to be. For the last seven years of my life, I put all of my focus on my career,” she wrote.

“Never did I take a chance to step back and ask myself, what does Kyle want to be or what does Kyle want to do. It was always what does Jasmine need to succeed.

“I started my HRT (hormone replacement therapy) a couple of months after coming back from Drag Race and I couldn’t be more happier. Everything I’ve wanted is finally happening and I am so thankful for the people who made it possible.”

The emotional moment has also been praised by Drag Race fans who flocked to social media to give their support for Jasmine.

One user wrote: “How did we just go from last episode’s Untucked being a cat and dog fight to this episode’s Untucked being one of the sweetest things we’ve ever seen.”

Another fan tweeted: “We now have four trans women on Drag Race. This was beyond sweet and one of my favourite Untucked episodes.”

Read Jasmine’s full statement here and check out more of the fans’ heartwarming responses below.