Janelle Monáe has opened up about the rise of anti-trans and non-binary hate in a powerful interview.

Over the last few years, Republican lawmakers have targeted the trans and non-binary communities with archaic legislation.

From restricting gender-affirming care for trans youth to introducing bathroom bans, anti-LGBTQ+ hate has steadily infiltrated US politics.

In response to the dangerous rise of bigotry, activists and public figures have used their platforms to fight back  – including openly queer and non-binary music icon Monáe.

In a recent interview with EBONY magazine, the Q.U.E.E.N singer – who goes by she/they pronouns – opened up about the current state of LGBTQ+ rights.

“We’re working in a world where the first response to queerness, or to trans, or to nonbinary is to question its existence or if it’s real, because [people have] been taught heteronormative ways of living,” she explained.

After highlighting the legislation attempting to ban Black and LGBTQ+ education, Monáe revealed how they combat the hateful rhetoric.

“As upsetting as that is, I try not to allow that part of the world to make me hard, to make me cold, to make me evil. I have to actively give myself mantras and call my therapist about it, and talk to people in my community.”

Elsewhere in their interview, Monáe discussed the history of non-binary people within the Black community and the importance of keeping that conversation going for future generations.

“I don’t think there’s anything new about Black folks identifying as non-binary. I think that maybe the language has shifted, but we can see throughout history who was living their lives a freeassmuthaf*ckas and who did not conform to gender norms,” they explained.

“For me, we have to keep having the conversation. We do. It’s so important because our next generation of people… they need to be able to be as educated as they possibly can and not speak out of ignorance of not knowing.”

Lastly, the Glass Onion star delivered a powerful statement to the various Republican lawmakers who are attempting to erase the trans and non-binary community.

“For the folks who are purposely trying to erase non-binary or trans folks, it’s not my job to keep educating you,” she said.

“I will continue to stand with nonbinary and trans folks in my community, in my family, and fight back against that.”

Since the start of 2023, over 300 anti-LGBTQ+ bills have been introduced across the US.

According to a February report from Human Rights Watch, 150 of those bills have solely targeted the trans community.