Becky Hill is taking fans behind-the-scenes of her Ibiza Rocks residency in the new short film, YOU/ME/US.

The documentary, which launched 9 December on YouTube, shows how the British chart-topper curated her own weekly headline pool party residency at the seminal Ibiza Rocks Hotel.

Hill also discusses the pressure of being a female artist in the dance genre, saying “women are used as like a commodity in dance music and never really seen at the forefront or respected” as much as male performers.

“It was nice to be able to have that freedom and the respect to put forward names and people that I loved and wanted to see at my own show,” she adds. “It was a really beautiful moment.”

As a queer woman, Hill also explains why it was important for her show to be as inclusive as possible, with commentary from to legendary drag artists such as Margo Marshall, Rilease Slaves, Freida Slaves and Chiyo.

“Coming out as queer was a big thing for me because I never really felt like it was something that I could be a part of. I think once I did kind of go, ‘Oh wait, I think I might be queer,’ everything changed for me,” she says.

“I wanted to play a show that is very inclusive for everybody. I want to make sure everyone feels included. I want to make sure everyone’s having a fucking good time and I think this is the future of rave.

“That feeling of love and magic and spiritual-ness and the magnetism that this island has is really coming back into the forefront.”

Chiyo praises Becky for not ‘beating around the bush’ with her stance on LGBTQ+ rights, saying: “She will make it known that she is with you and just having that energy from a major pop star, it’s rare.”

In a statement, Becky said she’s “always wanted the opportunity” to curate her own party and that Ibiza “was always going to be the place to do it.”

Becky released her long-awaited solo album earlier this year, Only Honest on the Weekend, which hit the top ten of the UK Albums Chart.

The album includes singles Better Off Without You, Heaven on My Mind, Last Time, Remember and My Heart Goes (La Di Da), all of which reached the UK top 40.

YOU/ME/US is now available on YouTube – you can watch here or below.