British actor Alexander Lincoln has seemingly come out as part of the LGBTQ+ community. 

Back in 2022, moviegoers in the UK were treated to the gripping independent gay drama In from the Side, starring Lincoln and Alexander King. 

The story follows Mark (Lincoln), an inexperienced rugby player on the B team of a London gay rugby club. After a drunken encounter with Warren, the star player on the club’s A team, the two begin a sordid affair behind the team and their respective partner’s backs. 

Upon its release, critics and viewers praised the film for stepping away from the usual coming out and homophobia-based storylines seen in many LGBTQ+-related projects. 

The emotional performance of Lincoln was also praised by critics, resulting in the young talent earning a spot on the British Independent Film Awards longlist for Best Breakthrough Performance. 

In celebration of the news, the Emmerdale Farm actor opened up about his accomplishment in a heartfelt post on Instagram.

“Completely neglected to post this at the time, but it was a HUGE moment for me, and I was truly honoured to have been included for the longlist for the 2022 @bifa_film ‘Breakthrough Performance,'” he wrote.

“There were some astoundingly beautiful performances this year, so I don’t feel at all bad about not getting shortlisted… Infinitely proud of this film and what it continues to do and how it continues to resonate with audiences.” 

While the post was inundated with congratulatory messages from fans, one follower used the moment to claim that the film’s actors were posing as gay. 

“I loved the movie, and its actors are still very handsome, but I still think that the actors are posing as gay, but they are not. Is it my doubt?” the person commented. 

However in response, Lincoln seemingly shut down the person’s assumption by stating: “Thanks so much – really appreciate it! And no, I’m not straight.” 

Shortly after uploading his comment, more fans praised the actor for his brave admission. 

One person commented: “I know this may sound dumb, but thank you for saying this. I’d already read elsewhere that you’d already said it, and it wasn’t exactly a secret or anything, but seeing you say it on Instagram means a lot more than you know.” 

Another fan wrote: “Congrats and welcome to the family.” 

Lincoln’s statements come a few months after he opened up to Time Out about his experience regarding sexuality and masculinity. 

“I remember in school the word “gay” being used as a derogatory term. I’d like to think that people now appreciate the history of the word. But there’s definitely still an aspect of sexuality being used as a slur,” he told the publication. 

“Growing up, I was the more effeminate one [in my friendship group]. I didn’t get bullied per se for that, but I was aware of it.” 

Check out the trailer for Lincoln’s film In from the Side here or below.