Victoria Monét has opened up about her coming out journey in a new interview. 

Over the last few years, the Jaguar singer has earned critical acclaim for her stunning vocals, showstopping concerts and incredible songwriting ability – with writing credits on hits for Ariana Grande, Fifth Harmony, Janelle Monae, Nas and more.

In addition to her incredible talent, Monét has been lauded by LGBTQIA+ music listeners for being an open book about her bisexuality. 

The ‘On My Mama’ singer first came out in 2018, revealing the news in an empowering post on X, formerly known as Twitter. 

“I want everyone to know that I’m single (since people wanna pretend I’m not) and make imaginary rules for me,” she wrote. 

“I secretly and respectfully went through a difficult break-up this summer, but enough is enough. I also like girls. Thank U, Next. Bye.” 

Monét has since been a beacon of queer joy for music fans. However, her journey toward publicly coming out wasn’t an easy endeavour.  

During a recent interview with Variety, the Grammy-nominated talent opened up about the pressures she faced to conform to a straight identity.


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“I thought that conforming would me go further. Being picturesque, straight… It almost felt like you didn’t need to want to add any more weights to your ankles trying to win a race,” she explained. 

“It’s like you’re already a woman, you’re already Black – you’d better pick a struggle.” 

Monét even compared her experience to the late music icon Whitney Houston, who also had to hide her bisexuality from fans and the music world. 

“I’m so sad she wasn’t able to do whatever that she wanted, and the world would [have] been fine, “she added.

While publicly coming out had its challenges, Monét has since stepped into her bisexual identity wholeheartedly and unapologetically. 

“Just do you and love who you love. And so if I have the ability to talk about it without so much backlash… I know there are special people who hate it,” she told the news outlet.

“But I feel like since I have the privilege to do so, I should and just be honest. So, music has been a playground for sexuality. And some things I don’t even express in words will just come out in music because it’s on my spirit and soul to do so.” 

Monét’s heartwarming interview isn’t the first time she’s given insight into her coming out journey. 

In a 2020 interview with GAY TIMES, Monét opened up about her dad’s reaction to her 2019 Grande-assisted track ‘Monolopy,’ where she sang the memorable lyric, “I like women and men.”

“My dad was quite sceptical. This was the first time a lot of people had heard of me, and this was their first impression. And my dad was like ‘You might have just messed things up.’ And so, for me, I was really happy to defy his opinion about it, because a lot of people were happy to hear that because they feel that way.” 

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