Lukas Gage has issued a public apology to Shania Twain for her involvement in his nuptials to celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton.

On a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen asked Gage about his short-lived marriage and inquired whose decision it was to wear the fur coats: “Not mine,” The White Lotus star divulged.

“Did someone from the Kardashians TV show hand you fur coats and say, ‘You’re getting married in these right now?’” Cohen asked.

“Literally, I don’t know what went through my head. I don’t know what happened. The fur coats was a horrible idea,” Gage explained before swiftly segwaying the conversation to Twain.

“I want to apologise to Shania Twain for wasting her time. I mean, ‘We’re still holding on, you’re still the one’ after, like, three weeks? That was unhinged. That was like the biggest waste of her time. But, I love you, Shania. I’m really sorry about that.”

The apologies didn’t stop there: Gage then turned his attention to Kim Kardashion, who officiated the wedding: “She was really sweet to fly us all out and take care of us and pay for everything.”

“And put you on her show?” Cohen flagged, to which Gage replied with a laugh, stating, “Yeah, sorry to Kim and Shania.”

In one final prod for information, Cohen asked whether Gage’s former spouse worked on his hair: Gage replied: “I will just say, while that was happening, I’ve never had my hair look like that before.”

“It’s never looked better?” Cohen clarified, with Gage affirming: “Never looked worse.

Gage and Appleton filed for divorce six months after marriage. The pair who had previously announced their nuptials last April, split citing irreconcilable differences.

Appleton and Gage signed a postnuptial agreement on 3 May that waived the need for spousal support and both will leave the marriage with the same individual assets, as the documents say.

Gage has recently set the record straight on rumours he is dating Saltburn star Archie Madekwe.

On 10 March, the pair caused a stir when fans spotted they were attending Vanity Fair’s Oscars after-party together.

When a paparazzi from TMZ asked if Madekwe was Gage’s boyfriend, he quipped, “Yeah, this is my new husband. Yeah, it’s Archie.”

However, before fans could truly ship the two emerging talents, the Euphoria star revealed they were just friends during an additional interview with the news outlet.

Gage also poked fun at the rumours, adding: “Archie’s the best. I’ll take the [speculation] as a compliment. Archie’s a hottie. He’s a good one.”

Toward the end of his brief interview, which took place at LAX, the Down Low star gave insight into his actual love life and whether he’s searching for love on dating apps.

“You know [I’m] taking a break from them. They’re not for me right now,” he explained. “Right now, I’m finding myself. I’m dating me, you know.”