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The queens delivered their best standup routine on the penultimate episode of Drag Race UK season four.

Spoiler’s ahead

Last week, the queens were asked to tap into their inner thespian for their roles in the thrilling reality TV show The Squirrel Games. 

“Each of you will play a fictional reality star who checks into the Big Mutha house only to discover that your fate is being controlled by a sassy and sadistic squirrel,” Ru explained. 

While the queens did their best to tap into their larger-than-life reality TV personas, the ladies struggled to land their lines throughout the filming process. 

After serving their showstopping “Ruff and Ready” ensembles, the contestants assembled on the main stage to watch the final cut of The Squirrel Games – which resulted in Danny Beard and Cheddar Gorgeous earning praise for their performances. 

Ultimately, Cheddar was named the winner of the maxi-challenge, resulting in Jonbers Blonde and Black Peppa lip-syncing for their lives. 

After delivering a showstopping performance, Ru surprised the two queens when she announced they were both staying in the competition. 

For this week’s maxi-challenge, the ladykins were tasked with flexing their comedy bones in The General Erection roast.

Ru also informed the queens that they would receive help from BAFTA-winning comedian Aisling Bea. 

“To make this roast extra juicy, I’ve invited the eliminated season four queens to join us,” Ru added. 

Because of their jaw-dropping double save, Jonbers and Peppa were tasked with organising the roast lineup.

After getting briefed on their second-to-last maxi challenge, the two queens selected Danny as the opener, followed by Jonbers, Peppa, Pixie Polite and Cheddar.

Unfortunately, the lineup left a sour taste in Cheddar’s mouth, who immediately expressed her annoyance over the decision. 

“What’s funny is I said to you I’d like to go earlier, and you literally put me at the end,” she said. 

Following the tense showdown between Cheddar, Jonbers and Peppa, the queens received some helpful tips from Bea.

With their jokes finalised, the queens headed to the mainstage to show off their comedic chops at The General Erection. 

While majority of the ladies delivered hilarious moments, Danny and Jonbers were particularly lauded for their performances. 

After strutting down the runway in their “Pretty in Punk” ensembles, Ru named Danny as the winner of the maxi-challenge, leaving Pixie and Peppa in the bottom two. 

With the crown in snatching distance, the two queens laid their hearts on the floor during their lip-sync performance of Queen’s hit single Another One Bites the Dust. 

In the end, Ru named Peppa as the winner before asking Pixie to sashay away from the competition. 

“I just want to say thank you so much. This experience has been more than I ever dreamed it could be. I love you all so much. Goodbye,” the beloved queen said before exiting the stage. 

On next week’s grand finale episode, the remaining contestants will be “taking turns stealing the spotlight” during a mega performance of Drag Race anthems.

The episode will also feature appearances from former Drag Race UK winners, The Vivienne, Lawrence Chaney and Krystal Versace. 

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