Victoria Scone has revealed who she wants to snatch the Drag Race UK season three crown.

Following on from last week’s episode, which saw the fierce queen exit series due to her knee injury, Victoria told us which one of her sisters should follow in the footsteps of The Vivienne and Lawrence Chaney as the UK’s Next Drag Superstar.

“I haven’t even thought about this! I left and thought, ‘I don’t care anymore!’” joked the star, before revealing: “I would love Charity [Kase] to win.

“You didn’t get to see a lot of our beautiful relationship. Me and Charity formed a really lovely relationship while we were there. Yeah, I’m gonna stick with Charity. And me!”

Although she favours the Lancashire-born contestant, Victoria hails the abundance of charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent on the series, saying it feels like a “season of winners” and that “anyone could win”.

“There is no dud in this season at all,” she adds.

Unlike past competitors such as Eureka and Veronica Green, RuPaul didn’t explicitly state whether Victoria had an open invitation for the following season, telling the remaining competitors: “We will all miss Victoria very much, and I have a sense that… we haven’t seen the last of her.

“But for now, the show must go on.”

Unsurprisingly, this didn’t go down well with viewers.

Where was the open invite to season four? Justice for Victoria Scone!” tweeted one fan, while another said they will be “PISSED” if she doesn’t sashay back into the werkroom next year.

In our interview, Victoria confirmed – to the heartbreak of viewers everywhere – that she has “not had an invitation as of yet.”

“You pretty much know as much as I know! What Ru said is what Ru said. We’re still screening season three at the moment. If that happens, it will be very much in the future,” she explained.

“That’s as much as I can tell you in all honesty! I just don’t know if the fans would want me to come back, it just depends on them! I don’t think they’d want me there! If the demand is there, what can I say?”

You can read our exclusive exit interview with Victoria here.