Drag Race star Heidi N Closet has revealed how much it cost her to compete on season 12 and All Stars 8 – including what she lost from cancelling gigs.

The 28-year-old returned to the franchise after being crowned Miss Congeniality on her original season, ultimately finishing in sixth place overall.

Since ‘All Stars 8’ premiered on 12 May, Heidi has been sharing tidbits about the show with fans on Twitter.

This included revealing what she spent on looks for the two seasons she has competed on.

“Season 12 spent 4,000,” she shared on 30 May.

“Alas stars spent 40,000…after canceling 60,000 dollars worth of gigs.”

One of Heidi’s followers asked the queen if she thought it “was worth spending that much money”.

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“I can say I’m proud of everything so yes,” she responded.

Another asked why Heidi opted to “spend that much”.

“Because In REALITY the only reasons I was in the bottom on season 12 was my runways and I wanted to make sure that wasn’t the case this time around,” Heidi explained. “I refuse to be put in the bottom not because of my talent but because of my clothes.”

On the latest ‘All Stars 8’ episode Heidi dressed as a donkey for the ‘Ass the World Turns’ runway theme, which one Twitter troll attempted to read her for.

“40k on bootleg eeyore nah get your money back,” they wrote, to which Heidi replied: “You say that as if that’s the only thing I bought….”

Another troll accused Heidi of “trying too hard” for spending that much.

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“Ask all the other girls how much they spent and re-evaluate this tweet,” she swiftly responded.

‘All Stars 8’ is currently airing on Paramount Plus in the US and WOW Presents Plus in the UK.

Competing in the season is Alexis Michelle, Darienne Lake, Heidi N Closet, Jaymes Mansfield, Jessica Wild, Jimbo, Kahanna Montrese, Kandy Muse, LaLa Ri, Monica Beverly Hillz, Mrs. Kasha Davis and Naysha Lopez.