Grindr has announced a new desktop option. 

Since its release in 2009, the popular dating app has become one of the biggest social media platforms for the LGBTQ+ community. 

While users can log on to thee platform anywhere around the world, it has only been made available in a mobile app form… until now. 

On 11 May, Grindr announced a new desktop version of the popular platform, Grindr Web. 

“Now you can browse and chat from the comfort of your own laptop or on the go via your mobile browser,” they revealed via a press release. 

Under the desktop feature, users have access to larger photos “to match the often larger screens of desktop and laptop computers.”

Grindr Web will also display six profiles on a user’s screen versus the app’s usual three-profile display. 

“Grindr Web makes it easier to chat with potential connections, letting you chat while also browsing the grid (for the multitaskers among us) all from your keyboard and including shortcuts,” the company explained. 

Lastly, Grindr has also incorporated a quick exit method for discreet users, which entails pressing the ESC button three times fast. This action will bump users out of Grindr Web and onto Google’s homepage.

As of this writing, the desktop option is only available to users with an XRTRA or Unlimited account – which starts at $19.99 and $39.99, respectively, 


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In an interview with Fast Company, CEO George Arison expressed his excitement over Grindr’s future as a desktop platform. 

“I’m excited, too, about what this sets us up to do with Grindr’s future, including: more discreet payment options, edgier content, and even whole experiences more specific to hooking up. This is just the beginning,” he explained. 

The introduction of Grindr Web comes a year after the popular LGBTQ+ dating app announced that it would become a public company – which stemmed from the agreeing to a $2.1 billion merger deal with Tiga Acquisition Corp (TAC).

A few months after the news made headlines, the company finally went public on 18 November at the New York Stock Exchange.

At the time, NPR  reported that Grindr’s stock rose by more than 400% when its debut price of $16.90 increased to $71.51 shortly after going public. 

By the time the market closed, the company’s value had landed at $36.50 – which was still doubled its original value.

In addition to their grand debut in the stock market, the company also welcomed Vanna Krantz as its new Chief Financial Officer and TAC’s G. Raymond Zage III as part of its board of directors, as reported in Business Wire.