Furillostar has dropped his new single Txt’n Me.

The smooth and infectious R&B anthem feels like it was taken straight out of the 2000s, and reflects on the Michigan-based artist’s personal experiences with, well, let’s just call it digital romance.

“So I’ve been waiting for questions to be asked about Txt’n Me,” laughs Furillostar.

“I’m about to tell all my business right now. I love nudes. Pictures, videos it doesn’t matter just send them to me. I was in the studio one night when I got this random nude. It popped up on my phone so my writers and my producer saw it.

“And it just clicked to make a record inspired by that. I feel like it’s hella relatable. Who doesn’t like nudes?”

We love the honesty. Unlike other artists, who are refraining from music during the coronavirus pandemic, Furillostar says it’s important for art to help us through this time because music is “able to move people.”

“And really make light of a lot of bad situations, and enhance good situations. I think music can be used as a medicine mentally to take you somewhere else for a moment. And that in itself is comfort,” he adds.

The rising star is currently working on his second EP, which he plans to release this summer.

Txt’n Me is now available on iTunes and streaming services – listen here on Apple Music or below.