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BBC - Photographer: Guy Levy

As we gear up for another year of celebrities taking to the dance floor to compete for the UK’s most coveted Glitter Ball trophy (who would want that in their downstairs loo?), and we all take to our sofas with a Chinese takeaway and intermittently shout at the judges through our prawn cracker-soaked mouths, we have the rundown of what to expect in the 2020 series of Strictly Come Dancing.

This year’s line up is a stellar roster of famous faces that taps into that tried-and-tested Strictly formula of a loveable rogue from Albert Square, a certified National Treasure, a lovely handsome chap for the mums (and the gays) and a Gen Z personality that anyone over the age of 25 has never heard of (for the young’uns).

Let’s just say that this year’s series will definitely not be devoid of sparkle. Here we run through our Top 5 picks for this new series – and we even jumped on a Zoom call with a few of them. How very 2020 of us.

BBC - Photographer: Ray Burmiston

Nicola Adams

By now we know the double Olympic gold medallist likes to make history and her turn on Strictly will be no different. As the first same-sex pairing to feature on the show (finally!), Adams is adamant that her competitiveness will not get in the way of her taking home the trophy.

“Whoever I’m partnered with they need to be as competitive as me because I’m going to be working hard, every day,” she told us during a virtual Q&A.

On being the first ever same-sex couple to waltz down the Strictly steps, Nicola shared that it’s “important for young LGBTQ+ viewers to see representation, and that one day it could be them dancing on Strictly.” We love to see it.

BBC - Photographer: Ray Burmiston

Clara Amfo

Taking the trip from BBC Radio 1 to the Borehamwood studio, we feel, is going to be a breeze for presenter extraordinaire Clara Amfo.

Noting that this year has been “a real challenge” Amfo hopes to “live a fantasy” through training with a professional dancer for this year’s competition. “It’s something that I can’t wait to fully embrace.” And we can’t wait to see it.

BBC - Photographer: Ray Burmiston

Max George

Aren’t we Glad He Came (ahem!) into our Strictly lives this year, as Max George takes to the dancefloor, but not without a little experience in his back pocket. Lest we forget his days on Glee, as well as being one of the members of hit boyband The Wanted.

When it comes to members of The Wanted competing on Strictly, however, he has very big (and sparkly) shoes to fill. Truthfully, we don’t think anything will ever beat band mate and 2015 Strictly winner Jay McGuiness’s Pulp Fiction Inspired Jive. We actually did cry watching it… no pressure Max.

BBC - Photographer: Ray Burmiston

Jamie Laing

Being described as this year’s heartthrob, self confessed entrepreneur and Made In Chelsea star Jamie Laing returns after his training injury last year saw him out of the competition before he even got properly going.

When probed on the Strictly Curse this year, Laing explained that “we didn’t speak too much about the Strictly Curse. I hid it from her. Listen, I’m very lucky to be with my girlfriend and I don’t worry about the Strictly Curse and if any curse did happen it would be a shame.”



Potentially one of the youngest Strictly contestants we’ve ever laid eyes upon, singer and YouTuber HRVY (Harvey Leigh Cantwell) is counting on the youth vote to keep him swinging those hips each week.

Despite the excitement of him being on the show, HRVY was forced into self isolation last month after testing positive for coronavirus. Not ideal in the best of circumstances, but in this case it leaves him just under two weeks to prepare for the first episode. Stress.


With the series starting on 17 October for the pairing launch show, the competitors will take to the dancefloor on 24 October. It means this series will be shorter than previous years.

What’s more, with social distancing and coronavirus still making large scale events difficult, this year’s show looks like it will air with no studio audience. The anticipated mid-series trip to Blackpool is also up in the air, as it’s currently unknown whether the rules of the pandemic will change to allow them all to travel up to the Ballroom Tower.

Judge Bruno Tonioli – due to flight restrictions – will not be on this year’s judging panel. However, rumours are that he will in fact be speaking via the medium of Zoom (not sure if anyones heard of it), on Sunday night’s results show. If anyone can bring a Zoom call to life it’s Bruno.

Caroline Quentin, Jason Bell, Ranvir Singh, Bill Bailey, JJ Chalmers, Maisie Smith and Jacqui Smith will also compete alongside aforementioned contestants Nicola Adams, Clara Amfo, Max George, Jamie Laing, and HRVY.

It may be heading into its 18th (!!) series but this year’s Strictly Come Dancing promises a number of firsts for the show. Keeeep dancing!