George Sear is welcoming the “unexpected” plot twist and “steamier” new direction for the characters on Love, Victor.

Although the entire second season of the beloved teen drama premiered on Hulu last week, where it received widespread critical acclaim, the first episode hasn’t been made available for British audiences until now.

As of 18 June, the second season premiere is now streaming in the UK on Disney+, with the remainder of the season to land in the coming weeks.

When we last saw the characters, Victor (Michael Cimino) finally came out to his mother Isabel (Ana Ortiz), father Armando (James Martinez) and sister Pilar (Isabella Ferreira) and finally pursued his relationship with Benji, played by George.

Speaking with GAY TIMES, George says he’s “so excited” for audiences in the UK to see how the characters have developed in-between both seasons.

“I’m really glad that we got to continue telling these characters’ journeys and it’s cool to see the reaction to it so far. It’s only been out a few days, but it feels like it’s gained a great response,” says the British actor. 

When we ask George about Michael’s comments from earlier this year, in which he described the new season as “spicy”, he teases: “A lot spicier, yeah. It’s definitely steamier. I think the nature of the scripts are a lot more mature this time.

“We got to explore these characters and this part of their relationship as well, the sexual elements. The same goes for the other characters too. I think that awkward teenager thing kind of seeps through, which makes it quite relatable.

“That’s a big aspect of it. It’s definitely on the mature side this time around.”

When it comes to Victor’s parents and their reaction to his sexuality, George praises the writers for delivering the “unexpected”. If you haven’t seen the first episode, then continue at your own risk because there’s spoilers ahead.

“I think they did a really good job. I think people usually expect the dad to have a really strong resistance and, in actual fact, that’s not the case. I think the way they played that was a really interesting storyline,” explains George.

In the first season, Victor’s mother was depicted as more tolerant than his straight-laced father. The season two premiere seems to suggest the opposite, however, as Isabel struggles to accept her son’s homosexuality and avoids spending time with Benji, while Armando makes an effort to accept Victor’s authentic self.

“That storyline will make a lot of people emotional,” continues George. “I think the show is good at keeping the conversation going when it comes to families.” 

The second season of Love, Victor also sees the return of Mateo Fernandez as Adrian, Bebe Wood as Lake, Anthony Turpel as Felix, Mason Gooding as Andrew, Sophia Bush as Veronica and Nick Robinson as Simon.

Love Victor season 2 streams on Star on Disney+ from Friday 18 June.