Jade Thirlwall opened up about the solo projects we could see from her in the near future in an exclusive interview with GAY TIMES.

Little Mix recently announced that they will be “taking a break” after the conclusion of their 2022 Confetti Tour to focus on solo projects.

Sharing the news on social media on 2 December, the group were adamant that they “are not splitting up” but instead taking some time to “recharge and work on some other projects.”

“We wanted to let you all know that after the Confetti tour in April/May next year we are going to be taking a break from Little Mix,” said the first of four tweets about the situation.

The trio continued: “It’s been 10 amazing years, a wonderful non-stop adventure, and we feel the time is right to take a break so we can recharge and work on some other projects.

“We can’t thank you enough for your love and never-ending support since the beginning. We love you all SO much.”

Jade Thirlwall recently spoke to GAY TIMES magazine as part of her cover shoot for the December 2020 issue, where she teased what Mixers can expect to see from her in the near future.

“I adore songwriting, whether it’s for me in the group or for other artists, I’ve really enjoyed doing that,” she explained. “I like writing in general, so I’d love to write a book one day.”

Her solo ambitions go further than writing, as the 28-year-old shared her desire to get involved in acting.

Jade said: “I would definitely love to do a musical movie or something in the future, like a Greatest Showman moment or something. I feel like there’s still so many things about myself that people maybe still don’t know yet.”

At SKITTLES® GAY TIMES Honours delivered by Gorillas at Magazine London on 19 November, Jade was awarded the Honour for Allyship.

During her acceptance speech, she dedicated her win to Stonewall in a powerful speech about the importance of supporting the LGBTQ+ community.

Elsewhere in her interview, Jade confirmed that having some time off from Little Mix will allow her to push her advocacy work even further.

“I’ll have more time to do more things with Stonewall and show more allyship and help with other charities, which sometimes I struggle to find time for,” she explained. “I think for me as well, as a woman of colour and as someone of Arab heritage, that’s definitely something that I would like to portray more and help with when it comes to the war in Yemen, and Middle Eastern culture and how there’s not enough positive representation of Arab people – especially in the pop industry or in the media in general. There is a whole array of things that I’m super passionate about which I can delve into more and more.”

Lewis Corner’s full cover story interview with Jade Thirlwall can be read in the December 2021 issue of GAY TIMES magazine which is available now on the GAY TIMES app, Apple News +, Readly and Flipster or by clicking here.