Adore Delano spilled the T about her upcoming Party Your World tour, including which Drag Race UK queen she’d love to “strip” with on stage.

The drag artist and musician will be visiting 14 cities across the UK and Ireland including London, Manchester and Dublin later this year.

She tells GAY TIMES the tour will “be a human ball of laundry in the best way” and that fans can expect “all the cool classics,” as well as B-sides and fresh takes on old songs.

“I keep saying, like, something new, something borrowed and something blue, ‘till death, do us Party Your World,” Adore adds. “It’s going to be super cute.”

The Drag Race finalist reveals that she would love to collaborate with her season six sister, Bianca Del Rio.

“I would like to do a Magic Mike show with Bianca and just strip,” Adore laughs before quickly clarifying: “No, I’m just kidding.”

With Adore’s tour taking place all over the UK, there could be plenty of opportunity for the 32-year-old to collaborate with stars from the country’s edition of Drag Race.

“I got to work with a lot of the girls from season three, and that’s the one season that I watched all the way through,” she explains to GAY TIMES.

There’s one season two queen who she says she would love to team up with on the Party Your World tour, should the opportunity arise.

“I would love for Bimini to, like, come and do a song. Maybe they can cover Alaska’s part to I Look Fucking Cool or something,” Adore says.

“I just, I’m such a fan of theirs. I think they’re such a rock star effortlessly and I’m just so proud of everything that they’re accomplishing right now.

“So I think that that would be cool, to, like, match our energy on stage together, but that’s just like a dream duet. Maybe it’ll happen.”

After living in the COVID-19 pandemic for two years, Adore is eager to “bring some fun back into the atmosphere” during her upcoming shows.

Her latest EP, Dirty Laundry, was released in 2021 and will be a big focus of her upcoming appearances.

Adore also tells GAY TIMES that her alternative drag style plays a big part in the music she releases and how she performs it.

“It kind of gives me the freedom of just being a weirdo, and I think that’s why the crowd is just so diverse and cool,” she says. “It’s like looking back into the eyes of, like, teenage me, even if they’re in their twenties. It’s like, I see a little bit of my weirdness in them and I see how it resonates.

“So I’m super honoured though that I’m, you know, given the opportunity to still make music and tour and have people be receptive towards that.

“I always say it’s a two way street, the love goes both ways, so I’m just excited to just share this experience, get it out there and have a good night.”

Her time on reality television shows such as Drag Race and American Idol – something she refers to as “situations” when talking to GAY TIMES – have been huge learning curves for Adore.

“I was just saying, Drag Race really taught me how to conduct myself professionally when it comes to kind of, like, doing what you’re going to do after the show,” she states. “Like, it was kind of a boot camp to push you out into the world and show you what you can do with yourself if you’re really just dedicated and kind of like, stick to your guns.”

With her career now predominantly focusing on music, Adore says that returning to Drag Race would mean “equally” balancing this against her drag.

“I would probably, I’m just going to answer it like whatever came to my mind first, I would probably put the drag hat equally on as the musician in me because it’s just a different, it’s a different animal now, like the show has kind of taken on a different type of spirit to where it’s, like, even the way people are spending money on their outfits are, like, it’s outrageous,” she adds. “So, I would probably have to match them in that category, but also have the music side up my sleeve.”

Tickets for Adore’s Party Your World tour, which will run in the UK from 30 August to 21 September 2022, can be purchased here from 2 March.

The full list of shows are listed below or can be found here.