Credit: TikTok (@st0nedc0w)

Eminem’s adopted child, 19-year-old Stevie Laine, has come out as non-binary and updated their chosen pronouns.

The 48-year-old rapper adopted Stevie in 2015 after reconciling with his ex-wife Kim Scott, who is Stevie’s mom.

Stevie’s TikTok video shows them celebrating their personal journey with recent videos featuring the hashtags “genderfluid” and “bi”.

The 19-year-old’s most recent TikTok video beings with the text: “Watch me become more comfortable with myself,” and is captioned with “forever growing and changing” in the post.

In the clip, Stevie shared photos of themselves as “Whitney” and alongside the pronouns “she/her”, which transition to images of herself as “Stevie” who is open to using “all pronouns”.

The comments from viewers beneath the video are heartwarmingly positive with accounts either praising Stevie’s journey or asking respectful questions about their choice to update their pronouns.

One user posted: “I’m really interested why you chose Stevie! Could you maybe explain/team me.” The teen replied to the comment offering insight into why she chose to change their name to Stevie.

“I spent so long trying to pick a name I felt comfortable with and the first time I felt comfortable with is Stevie!!” the 19-year-old responded.

The newly posted TikTok video has been liked by sister Hailie Jade, Eminem’s biological daughter with Scott.

Eric Hartter, Stevie’s biological father, died of an alleged drug overdose in 2019. Scott gave birth to Stevie six months after divorcing Eminem in 2001.

You can watch Stevie’s TikTok here or below:

@st0nedc0wforever growing and changing &lt3 ##greenscreen ##genderfluid ##bi ##life♬ original sound – THXOC