Canadian actor Elliot Page spoke about his journey with testosterone and his new memoir last weekend at the Library of Congress National Book Festival.

During the interview, conducted by trans journalist Gina Chua, Page revealed more about the process of writing Pageboy, as well as his trans journey more generally.

“I’m on testosterone, I’ve been on testosterone for a bit over two years,” he told the audience. “It’s something that has drastically changed my life for the better, personally. Everybody has different experiences, and what they want, and relationships with their body, needless to say. For me, it’s made my life better.”

Joking about stereotypes targeting trans men, he proudly declares, “I’m the least angry I’ve ever been! Everyone needs to stop blaming testosterone.”

He also explained that he knew how coming out would help to end the “endless discomfort” he had felt for years.

“I could have never imagined in a million years, how different I feel,” Page reveals. How centred, how present, the space in my mind to be creative to feel inspired. I could have never sat down and written a book before.”

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Upon being asked how his transition affected his creative process, Page replied: “I feel inherently so much better and present and that I’m just happier on set. If I came out as trans and my work got worse, that’s fine. I don’t need to be in anymore movies, like I’m good! I wanna be able to live my life, truly, but I think it’s made me feel more embodied and more connected and more able to be fully present in a scene.”

Elliot Page shared advice to trans youth struggling with bullying

The actor also shared some heartfelt advice to young trans members of his audience, in terms of dealing with bullying, or unsupportive people surrounding them.

Page said: “You should talk to the people that you love and trust the most, the friends you can rely on, the teachers you can rely on, and maybe start there and ask for their support. Speak to the bullying, because that definitely shouldn’t be happening and have a group and a community of people that’s going to embrace you and support you to not have to deal with that silliness.

“I was bullied, wasn’t fun. But it’ll be ok. It will be. I wish I could give you a better answer and help more. I’m not trained or well-equipped to know exactly what to say. I just want you to feel the support and love you should feel.”

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He also shared his favourite moments of trans joy: “I now have such an awesome group of trans friends. When we get together and all hang out and do karaoke, and everyone is just in the moment, together and feeling liberated. Those moments feel really really special, that sense of community.”

For Page, it is especially important to retain the optimism, particularly in times such as now.

“What I focus on, particularly when that noise, which is obviously very loud right now, is coming in, I do everything that I can to connect to the core of me t hat feels a way I could have never imagined possible, and all the times when I didn’t see a future for myself. The happiness that I feel, the joy that I feel. I refuse to let that get taken away from me.”