Photo: Alec White

Jinkx Monsoon says her entire career has been “building” towards her upcoming concert tour, titled ‘Everything’s At Stake’.

Announced this week via Entertainment Weekly, the highly-anticipated tour will perform in 44 cities across the U.S. and Canada from 12 June to 14 August.

Jinkx, her “musical main squeeze” Major Scales and a “full rock band” will perform music from the star’s lauded first two albums, The Ginger Snapped and The Inevitable Album, as well as new tracks from her upcoming three-part album The Virgo Odyssey.

“It’s all been building to this! ‘Everything at Stake’ marks my biggest concert tour ever— where I get to flex every one of my performance muscles with my musical partner in crime, Major Scales,” Jinkx said in a statement.

“What’s most exciting is, we’re coming to over 40 cities across North America, many of which will be for the FIRST TIME! I know, crazy, right?”

In her interview with EW, Jinkx revealed that the tour’s theme originated from the “fan reaction” to her All Stars 7 runway, which took inspiration from “witch hunts that existed in the olden days”.

She highlighted the parallels with the witch trials and what’s “happening right now with the queer, trans, and LGBTQIA+ community — the witch hunt we’re experiencing as we take on the patriarchy.”

“It’s Everything at Stake because this is the most attention I’ve had on me in some time, and I want to show the world why I deserve that attention. That’s where it started, and since coming to this title, the world continues to be a f—ing s— show,” Jinkx added.

“And the title now has multiple meanings, of course, that will find its way into my work for this tour. I’m too loud-mouthed and opinionated for me not to bring what’s going on in the world into my work.”

It has been a whirlwind 12 months for the internationally tolerated redhead.

Last summer, Jinkx made a triumphant return to RuPaul’s Drag Race for the first-ever winners’ season, where she won a herstoric five challenges and became the franchise’s first-ever two-time winner.

“Every other episode on All Stars 7, I’m talking about witchcraft, gender politics, being sober, trans identities. I was an ethical slut shouting it from the rooftops! I really let it all hang out, and then I won,” Jinkx told GAY TIMES.

“I told myself, rather than worrying about expectations with this title and putting a lot of pressure myself, why don’t I trust that I won this title being myself? So, I should uphold this title being myself.”

After releasing her own sketch series on WOW Presents Plus with her comedy partner Liam Krug, Jinkx continued to break boundaries for drag in mainstream media when she made her Broadway debut in Chicago.

Playing Matron “Mama” Morton, Jinkx’s run has been met with overwhelming critical acclaim, with TheatreMania hailing her as “one of the great belters presently working on the American stage”.

As a result of her role in Chicago, Jinkx later made herstory as the first Drag Race alum to guest star on Late Night with Seth Meyers.

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