With a mix of finalists, fan-favourites and lip-sync assassins, the cast for RuPaul’s Drag Race UK vs the World season two is absolutely stacked.

On 13 January, BBC Three announced the 11 queens competing for the coveted title of ‘Queen of the Mothertucking World’, where – for the first time in the UK franchise’s history – the winner will receive a cash prize (the specific amount is yet to be unveiled).

Consisting of queens from the American, British, Spanish, Dutch, French, Filipino and Australasian franchises, the series was filmed in London and will feature Drag Race UK panellists RuPaul, Michelle Visage, Graham Norton and Alan Carr.

The first season, won by Blu Hydrangea, featured some of the most controversial and iconic moments in the show’s herstory, from the back-to-back eliminations of Jimbo and Pangina Heals to Jimbo’s unhinged introduction of Casper the Baloney Ghost.

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Details are scarce on season two, such as the release date and guest judges, but it will assumedly follow in the footsteps of its predecessor (and Canada vs the World) with All Stars seasons two-four rules: a top two format and the power to eliminate one of the bottom queens.

Let’s put a halt on the chit-chat for now: meet the 11 queens of Drag Race UK vs the World season two below (with quotes courtesy of BBC Three).

Arantxa Castilla-La Macha (Drag Race Espana season 1)

Original placement: 7th

Challenge wins: 0

Arantxa Castilla-La Macha placed seventh on the inaugural season of Drag Race Espana, where she was known for her “Spanish Hannah Montana” aesthetic. After her season, Arantxa came out as a trans woman and now feels “so much better and so much more confident” in herself and her drag. She tells the BBC: “This crown is mine, you better be ready”.

Choriza May (Drag Race UK season 3)

Original placement: 6th/7th

Challenge wins: 1

Newcastle’s “spiciest, meatiest and silliest sausage” is back. Choriza May, ‘My Pussy is Like a Peach’ singer-songwriter, became a huge fan-favourite on the third season of Drag Race UK, winning the fourth challenge with her Pick ‘n’ Mix girl group. She was controversially eliminated in the series’ first double elimination alongside River Medway. Choriza, who subsequently became a guest judge on Drag Race Espana, says she’s “come with a strategy” and will “win the competition”.

Gothy Kendoll (Drag Race UK season 1)

Original placement: 10th

Challenge wins: 0

As the Porkchop of Drag Race UK, Gothy Kendoll was unable to fully showcase her charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent. So, when asked what challenge she’s looking forward to, she jokes: “All of them. I mean, I didn’t get to do a single one. This Porkchop is coming with a side of gravy and I’m ready to kill it.” In the years since season one, Gothy has experienced a glow up and says she’s now the “fully realised version” of herself: “I’ve had my teeth done, I’ve got nicer outfits and I’ve got bigger wigs.”

Hannah Conda (Drag Race Down Under season 2)

Original placement: Runner-up

Challenge wins: 3

With three maxi-challenge wins on the second season of Drag Race Down Under, Hannah Conda will be a major threat to her UK vs the World competitors. One of those challenges was the legendary Snatch Game, where she made RuPaul cackle with her impersonation of Judy Garland. “I’m going to be the lovable one, the friend to everyone,” says Hannah. “This little snake is going to slither into your heart and slay the game. I will do anything it takes to win this. Anything!”

Jonbers Blonde (Drag Race UK season 4)

Original placement: 3rd/4th

Challenge wins: 0

Jonbers Blonde slayed the runway and “sex worker pigeon” game on the fourth season of Drag Race UK, before placing joint third/fourth with Black Peppa. The Northern Irish queen says she’s “bigger, bolder and blonder” than before and wants to flaunt her “freshened” aesthetic “to the world”.

Keta Minaj (Drag Race Holland season 2)

Original placement: 4th

Challenge wins: 3

The frontrunner of Drag Race Holland season two, Keta Minaj slaughtered the competition with three maxi-challenge wins – including the Snatch Game. After landing in the bottom two for the first time, Keta was controversially booted out of the race by Vivaldi – leading to “robbed” status. Now, she has a “burning desire to reclaim what’s rightfully mine”.

La Grande Dame (Drag Race France season 1)

Original placement: Runner-up

Challenge wins: 1

A finalist on the first season of Drag Race France, La Grande Dame lost out on the crown to Paloma. She never bottomed, however, and won the Snatch Game – another winner! – with her impersonation of Alexandra Rosenfeld. Dame, who describes herself as a “fashion killer”, is determined to sashay away as Queen of the Mothertucking World: “Look at me, I’m experienced, I have the mileage and this engine is revved up to go.”

Marina Summers (Drag Race Philippines season 1)

Original placement: Runner-up

Challenge wins: 2

Known for “dancing the house down” and her fierce runway presentations, Marina Summers boasts one of the best track records in the entire Drag Race franchise, placing in the top for seven out of nine competitive episodes. A believer in “world domination,” Marina tells fans to never underestimate “a Filipina because we play hard girl”.

Mayhem Miller (Drag Race season 10 and Drag Race All Stars 5)

Original placement: 10th (Drag Race season 10), 7th (All Stars 5)

Challenge wins: 1

After winning the first challenge on season 10, Mayhem stalled in the competition and was eliminated in 10th place by Monét X Change. She made a return in All Stars 5, where she – to the confusion of her competitors – picked her own lipstick, becoming the fourth queen in herstory to self-eliminate after Adore Delano, BenDeLaCreme and Ongina. Mayhem says: “I have not won a crown yet, but that was on purpose. Everyone thinks that she lost, but really, I was being strategic.”

Scarlet Envy (Drag Race season 10, Drag Race All Stars 6)

Original placement: 10th (Drag Race season 11), 9th (All Stars 6)

Challenge wins: 0

“The drama” is back for a third shot at the crown and, this time, she plans to “stick around longer” to show off her “insane” runways. Although Scarlet didn’t advance as far as she – or fans – anticipated on both her seasons, she’s become one of the most memeable contestants as a result of her aforementioned “Is it me? Am I the drama?” viral moment. She says her strategy is to “make good television, snatch the crown and have fun doing both”.

Tia Kofi (Drag Race UK season 2)

Original placement: 7th

Challenge wins: 0

From “Baroness Basic to Queen of the Mothertucking World,” Tia Kofi says she plans to “absolutely annihilate” the competition: “I’m more confident, and I know how to play the game. I’m not a babychino anymore. I’m a full size grande latte with oat milk because I don’t like dairy.” Since placing seventh on Drag Race UK season two, Tia has become one of the most famous queens from the British franchise, appearing on shows such as Eating With My Ex, Catchpoint and The Weakest Link, all while receiving millions of streams for her music career.