Baby has unveiled the music video for their anarchic debut single Theatre!

Directed by Kassandra Powell with creative direction from Dale K, the video sees Baby pay homage to alternative Black culture as they display their “queer rage” in an underground warehouse.

There’s blood, abstract imagery and fierce ensembles as Baby owns their narrative with tenacity.

The punk anthem explores “giving yourself permission not to be okay” through mental health struggles.

Last year, Baby voluntary exited the fourth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race after opening up about their struggles with anxiety to their fellow contestants and the judging panel.

Their decision to withdraw from the competition to focus on their mental health was met with praise from viewers.

In a statement, Baby said of the video: “This is me owning the darker parts of myself. I wanted to lean into the messiness of what anxiety feels like and create a visual that represents the internal battles I’ve been through.”

Following their stint on Drag Race UK, Baby went on to star in the music video for Sam and Kim Petras’ chart-topping smasher Unholy, which won the Grammy Award for Best Pop/Duo Performance earlier this month.

They also appeared in the video for Charli XCX’s dance anthem Hot In It.

Theatre! is now available on iTunes and streaming services – including Spotify and Apple Music. You can watch the incredible music video here or below.