The Vivienne has shared a heartfelt statement with fans after finishing in third place alongside Colin Grafton on Dancing on Ice’s 15th season.

The queen, who won the first-ever season of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK, promised fans it won’t be the last time they see the duo on ice together.

“This week is going to be hard, not going to training every day, not seeing the family that I’ve bonded with for the last six months, not warming up with @colin_grafton and working on new routines, but this won’t be the last time you see us on ice together I promise,” she wrote on Instagram on 14 March. “I love being on the ice and I love Drag, so I’m gonna make it happen so you can all come and watch!”

The Vivienne added that she is “so proud” of what she and her partner achieved on the ice before thanking fans for “an amazing run”.


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In another post, the 30-year-old sent a “huge congratulations” to former Olympic artistic gymnast Nile Wilson and his partner Olivia Smart on their victory.

“Think me and Nile clicked the first day we met, quickly bonded over over our addiction struggles and dirty senses of humour,” she wrote on Twitter.

“It was amazing to see you flourish again, I can’t imagine how hard it was having to retire after the Olympics, but you’ve just proven to yourself and the world that it’s never the end, but only the beginning.

“What a partnership with the gorgeous @oliviasmartx who I just adore, every step has been a pleasure. So happy our paths crossed and can’t wait to get you in drag!”

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The Vivienne recently became the first queen from Drag Race UK to compete in the US franchise when she returned for All Stars 7, the first season made up entirely of former winners.

She won three challenges during her time on the season, finishing in 5th-8th place overall.