Dust off your dancing shoes because Drag Race superstar Rosé has released her debut single, The Devil in The Details.

Fresh off the Drag Race season 13 finale, Rosé has delivered an electro-pop banger that will transport listeners to the synth-pop dance floors of the ’80s. 

Backed by an upbeat sound, the track encourages music listeners to live in the moment and embrace their flaws. 

In a statement, the singer-songwriter discussed the underlying meaning of the record. 

“So often, people get caught up in getting everything right on every last detail,” she explained. 

“It can be blinding at times and cause us to miss the mark entirely! This song is a gentle nudge to remove the blindfold, appreciate flaws and live life to its fullest.” 

The Drag Race finalist also went into detail on the origins of the song and cited Mother Ru’s direct influence. 

“’The Devil in The Details’ was inspired by my turning point on RuPaul’s Drag Race,” she explained.

“I began the season with a firm endeavour to deliver a pristine and polished product to Ru and the judges, but about halfway through the season, I began to realize I was losing a vital, vulnerable, and unique piece of myself.

“I needed to loosen up and allow my true colours to shine! That’s when I really began to enjoy the experience of the show. 

“Ru noticed it, too, and during one of the deliberations which not only changed my course on the show but gravely impacted who I am today, Ru remarked, ‘The Devil’s in the details!’ I smiled and thought, ‘I’m gonna write a song about this.'”

We can’t wait to blast this track during the summer months. 

Listen to The Devil in The Details below or here on Apple Music.