Drag Race finalist Adore Delano has revealed that she would return to the All Stars Werk Room one more time under the right circumstances.

The performer previously competed on season six of hit TV series before returning for All Stars 2.

During an appearance on the Sissy That Talk Show, Adore discussed rumours that she was at one point part of the All Stars 6 cast.

“We were in like ‘last minute’ negotiations and I said yes last minute and they couldn’t clear my talent show in time,” she told the show’s host, Joseph Shepherd.

“I was gonna spit fire! And I was gonna break, I had sugar bottles made, and I was going to put water in it and start breaking it over my head. It was gonna be epic.”

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However, it was this that ultimately stopped her from competing.

“They said I couldn’t spit fire but I could still [break the bottles],” she continued, “but I was like, ‘No. I’m gonna spit fire off the back of the guitar and break bottles over my head.’ But I couldn’t do it, so it’s gone now.”

When asked if she would ever return for a second run on All Stars, Adore smirked and said she “probably” would.

“But they have to let me do what I want to do,” she declared.

You can watch Adore’s appearance on Sissy That Talk Show in full below or by clicking here.