Plane Jane has addressed the “continuation” of her drama with fellow Drag Race star Amanda Tori Meating.

The two queens came into conflict on the 16th season of the series after Plane criticised Amanda’s aesthetic in an episode of Untucked. 

Their feud memorably exacerbated when Plane told Q that she has “more respect” for her than she does Amanda, resulting in Amanda questioning her “c**t” behaviour.

Since her elimination, Amanda has opened up on X, formerly known as Twitter, about how Plane made her “life hell” during filming “when all I wanted was for her to leave me alone”.

Amanda and Plane’s conflict continued to go viral following the Drag Race season 16 grand finale, where the former was shown with a less-than-enthused reaction to her co-star’s interview with RuPaul.

After the reaction went viral, Amanda – a marketing queen – embraced and capitalised on the meme by changing her X profile photo and releasing a line of t-shirts, which Plane was seen purchasing on her Instagram Story.

In her exit interview with Entertainment WeeklyPlane said she thought Amanda’s reaction was ‘funny and camp’, and “of course a fun little Easter egg of the continuation” of their drama, which she described as the “most iconic, divisive drama of the season”.

“Ultimately, I think it was a funny tidbit. Whether Amanda was actually making that face in the moment or not, I don’t think she’s genuinely bitter or anything, but it was fun as an audience member to see that,” she continued.

Plane then shared that she’s “over dogging on Amanda” as a result of her “fantastic glow-up”, adding: “Kudos to Amanda. Mama, kudos for wearing that. For slaying.”

The Drag Race finale saw Plane place third, with Sapphira Cristál and Nymphia Wind duking it out for the title of ‘America’s Next Drag Superstar’ and a cash prize of $200,000 to Kylie Minogue’s LGBTQIA+ classic ‘Padam Padam’.

Nymphia ultimately made history as the first East Asian queen to conquer the American series. Her win was celebrated by the President of Taiwan, Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande, as well as various Drag Race alumni.

Revisit Nymphia and Sapphira’s instantly iconic ‘Padam Padam’ lip-sync here or below.