Envy Peru has revealed that she was the victim of a homophobic attack in Amsterdam.

The star, who became the first queen to win Drag Race Holland, told her social media followers that the assault was a “wake up call that we still have a long way to go”.

“I was attacked in broad daylight by 4 young men while on the bus in Amsterdam,” said Peru, who was “threatened with a weapon” while the assailants made “offensive slurs” towards her and filmed the incident.

“Even when I tried to distance myself from the situation by moving away, they continued and kept trying to hit me. As I tried to get away, what shocked me the most was that only one sweet lady stood up for me – in a whole bus full of people.”

The perpetrators followed Peru off the bus, where “one of them ran towards me and kicked me to the floor”: “Four women stood up for me and scared the boys away and escorted me to where I needed to go. I don’t know their names because I was in shock!”

Peru then offered her gratitude to the women who helped her, before telling her followers that she’s “doing okay” besides “the shock”.

While she was “hesitant” to file a police report, due to her status in the public eye, she refuses to be silent as “a proud member of our community and Pride ambassador”.

“These hate attacks need to stop! I know a lot of our community members stay silent when violence happens towards them because of fear,” she continued.

“But I decided I’m going to go to the police and will show them the footage I took of the incident. Nobody should go through this, and these cowardly actions should be punished.”

Peru’s post was met with love and support from Drag Race alumni such as Valentina, Alyssa Edwards, Manila Luzon, Detox, Jujubee, Alexis Mateo, Denali, Rosé, Kandy Muse, Jaida Essence Hall, Laganja Estranja, Vanessa Van Cartier, Black Peppa, Jiggy Caliente, Pearl, A’Whora, Trinity K. Bonet and Starlet.

Janey Jacké, who competed alongside Peru on Drag Race Holland, wrote: “I am sitting here with tears in my eyes while reading your post, i am so sorry this happened to you. A long long way to go in the country and the world. Stay strong, stand up with your incredible energy and be the diva you are.”

“Sending love my angel. Sorry you had to deal with the evil in this world,” commented Krystal Versace, while Madame Madness said she’s “proud” of the star for “turning this scary frightening situation to spread awareness that we as the Netherlands have a long way to go still. Filing a report really matters.”

Our thoughts are with Envy Peru.

You can read her post in full here or below.