The line-up for the second season of Canada’s Drag Race: Canada vs the World is here, and it’s a monumentous gag.

The series, due to air 19 July, will see nine queens from global editions of the franchise go head to head as they compete to become the second Queen of the Mother-Pucking World.

The cast includes legendary alumni from the OG American franchise, two of which will join Jujubee as fourth-time competitors, as well as one French, three Canadian and two UK fan-favourites.

Interestingly, it includes two queens who have already competed on a vs the World franchise.

If it continues to follow the format of the first season, as well as the first two seasons of UK vs the World, the top two contestants of the week will lip-sync for the win, with the champion deciding which one of the bottoms to give the chop.

Ra’Jah O’Hara memorably triumphed on the first season of Canada vs the World, winning $100,000. The same cash prize is expected for her successor.

Season two will be streaming on Crave in Canada, BBC Three in the UK and WOW Presents Plus in other territories.

Check out the cast of Canada’s Drag Race: Canada vs the World season two below!

Alexis Mateo
Drag Race season 3, Drag Race All Stars season 1 and 5

Cheryl Hole
Drag Race UK season 1, Drag Race UK vs the World season 1

Drag Race season 9 and 10, Drag Race All Stars 6

Kennedy Davenport
Drag Race season 7, Drag Race All Stars season 3

La Kahena
Drag Race France season 1

Le Fil
Drag Race UK season 4

Canada’s Drag Race season 1, Drag Race UK vs the World season 1

Miss Fiercalicious
Canada’s Drag Race season 3

Tynomi Banks
Canada’s Drag Race season 1