Hyperpop artist and former Amplify star Dorian Electra is back with new single ‘anon’.

Alongside the announcement of their third album, Fanfare, on 19 July, the pop futurist premiered the track on BBC Radio 6 Music, with a music video out the next day.

The guitar-driven ‘anon’ is a take on the absurdities of social media: the obsessive gossip, the rumour mill and anonymous message boards. The accompanying visuals were , directed by the singer and their creative partner Weston Allen, exploring the impact of ‘stan culture’ on artists.

Dorian Electra’s first single for the era was the rock-influenced ‘Freak Mode’, fuelled by their signature distorted vocals and a thumping bass. ‘Sodom and Gomorrah’, the album’s equally provocative and eclectic second single, was released last month.

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 According to a press release, Fanfare, the American singer’s third album, “explores parasocial relationships, from the claims we stake on figureheads’ lives to taking in obsession, idolatry and pop culture as modern mythology. The album asks what we expect – or demand – from our public figure.

“Dorian blurs the lines between love, hate, fandom and control whilst also seeing them flip and rewrite narratives imposed by a heteronormative society.”

In the past, the genre-bender has collaborated with a range of artists like Lady Gaga, Charli XCX, 100 gecs, Pussy Riot, Rebecca Black and more. For the new album, they are working with both long-time and new collaborators, including Clarence Clarity, Weston Allen, Casey MQ, Count Baldor and Klaxons’ Jamie Reynolds.

Fanfare follows Dorian Electra’s highly acclaimed first two albums – the world building Flamboyant and the edgy My Agenda. Fans can expect another showcase of the artist’s uniquely shapeshifting identity as musician, visual artist, fashionista, joker and internet philosopher.

Fanfare is out 6 October. 

Watch the official music video for ‘anon’ below.