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DC Comics

DC Comics has made LGBTQ+ history after introducing the first transgender Amazon to the island of Themyscira.

The character of Bia, a Black trans woman, was introduced in the latest issue of Nubia & The Amazons. 

At the start of the story, Bia and four other women arrive on the mythical island through the Well of Souls – which is a portal that holds women who have been killed as a result of violence from “Man’s World.”

After having their memory of their past lives wiped, the five women are welcomed by the island’s inhabitants and tasked with selecting their new names. 

The scene becomes emotional when Bia says her new identity was something her “soul desired long before.”

“I don’t know how to explain it yet, but this exact moment feels like my soul has desired it long before I came here,” she said. “I am Bia!” 

Stephanie Williams and Vita Ayala, the writers of Nubia & The Amazons, confirmed Bia’s identity in a series of tweets. 

“If you’ve read Nubia & The Amazon #1. The answer to your burning question is yes. There are trans Amazons,” Williams wrote. “One of the newest Amazons is a Black trans woman.”

Williams also wrote that Bia’s role on Themyscira is “beyond just existing.”

“She isn’t set dressing, she isn’t a box to tick, she is a fully-fledged character that is important to her community,” she tweeted. “Just as Black trans women are important to us in real life.” 

In a separate tweet, Ayala elaborated on the inclusion of Bia and her “organic” introduction, stating: “We didn’t want to make an announcement because we wanted to introduce the character in an organic way.”

They continued: “But it is not a secret! We are glad people picked up on it, but if y’all hadn’t we would have made sure to say it so it wasn’t hand-twaveable subtext!”

Over the last few months, DC has introduced an array of LGBTQ+ characters across its popular titles. 

In August, Tim Drake aka Robin came out as bisexual in Batman: Urban Legends. 

Jon Kent, who has recently taken on the Superman mantle, also came out as bisexual in his new series, Superman: Son of Kal-El.

On the DC Extended Universe front, a recent casting call has sparked speculation that popular trans character Alysia Yeoh will appear in the upcoming Batgirl film. 

At the time of her initial introduction, Yeoh was one of the first major transgender characters to be featured in a mainstream comic book.

“Kristy Carlson Casting and Kate Ringsell Casting are currently looking for an actor for the role of a mid/late 20s, Asian American transgender woman,” the description read.

“No professional experience needed, just enthusiasm and interest.”