On the latest episode of Tag Talks…, GAY TIMES CEO Tag Warner discusses sexuality, fame and all-things fashion with designer Daniel W. Fletcher.

The self-described “late bloomer” in the world of fashion pursued the industry when he moved to London at the age of 19. In just a few short years, Daniel has carved out a unique sartorial space as an award-winning designer and creative director.

“If I’d said at 14, ‘I want be a fashion designer,’ I just would’ve got the shit beaten out of me at school,” Daniel admits in their conversation. Growing up in a small town in the Northwest of England, a career as a fashion designer didn’t feel like an option for him.

He explains further: “I didn’t know any fashion designers, I didn’t know how you become one, I didn’t know what the path is, it just never really felt like a viable career option for me. So I was, kind of, a late bloomer going into fashion.

“I think it was always there. I was always the kid who was matching my socks and my t-shirts, but didn’t really know how you become a fashion designer.

“But then I got to 18 I was like, ‘Oh yeah, I can see that as a path now,’ it took moving down to London to realise that.”

Tag’s conversation with Daniel follows in the footsteps of his discussion with close personal friend Greyson Chance, who opened up about his new music and mental health, and L Devine, who addressed gender disparity within the music industry.

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