Attention Schitt’s Creek fans, a brand new book about the groundbreaking series is set to be released this fall.

According to a report from Glamour, Trapeze Books have acquired Dan and Eugene Levy’s book titled Best Wishes, Warmest Regards: The Story of Schitt’s Creek.

The new release is set to celebrate the “essence and alchemy of all six seasons” and will dive into the creation of the series while exploring “the characters, the town and state of mind that is Schitt’s Creek.” 

Jamie Coleman, the publishing director of Trapeze Books, opened up about his excitement for the forthcoming book in a statement.

“The show has established a position as the kind of escapist television that we’ve needed in tumultuous times,” he said. 

“To enter the world of Schitt’s Creek is to escape to somewhere you don’t want to leave and for so many viewers, the series finishing left them bereft.

“Reading Best Wishes, Warmest Regards, is like taking a trip back to the Rosebud Motel with the Cast as your guide, a feel-good journey back to the creek that we all need.” 

Fans won’t have to wait too long as its release date is set for 26th October 2021. 

Since the critically-acclaimed series finale in 2020, fans have been clamoring for more Schitt’s Creek material. 


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Even the series’ stars like Annie Murphy, who played spoiled socialite Alexis Rose, have expressed interest in a film adaptation. 

In a statement to US Weekly, Murphy revealed that she’d been sending Dan “$5 a day in the mail” to bribe him into writing a feature-length film.

“So far, I have not heard back about a movie officially. But oh my god, I would be just over the moon if that ever came to pass because I miss everyone so much every day,” said Annie.

In an interview with Town & Country, Dan – who created the series and starred as pansexual icon David Rose – was asked about Annie’s comments, to which he jokingly responded: “That pesky woman! No, not right now. I hope eventually.

“Listen, I love everybody so much. I love Annie, even for hinting at that. We had such a great time making the show and I think if the idea is right, I would love to explore what a movie could look like. But, I don’t have that idea yet.”

Dan said he’s “still searching” for an idea for a Schitt’s Creek film and his “fingers are crossed”, but added that audiences need time to mourn the series before it makes a comeback.

“So, I’m taking some time and we’ll see what happens in the next couple of years, but my fingers are tightly crossed,” he said.

The final season of Schitt’s Creek went out with a bang during award season when it swept all seven major categories at the Primetime Emmy Awards – the first time for a comedy or drama.

It won Outstanding Comedy Series, Outstanding Writing and Outstanding Directing (all for Dan), as well as Lead Actor (Eugene Levy), Lead Actress (Catherine O’Hara), Supporting Actor (Levy) and Supporting Actress (Murphy).

The series also set a record for most Emmy wins by a comedy series in a single season, and Dan became the first person to win a Primetime Emmy Award in all four major categories in a single year.