Instagram: @sosobrat
Instagram: @sosobrat

Da Brat and her wife Jesseca “Judy” Harris-Dupart have welcomed a baby boy. 

The two lovebirds announced the exciting news on 6 July in an interview with PEOPLE.

“I can’t BELIEVE he came out of me! Feels like a dream. He’s PERFECT in every way,” the Dish Nation host told the news outlet. 

“Very appreciative for such a blessing of our bundle of joy. This journey has been more amazing than we could’ve ever imagined.”

Harris-Dupart echoed similar sentiments and even revealed their son’s name.

“His name had been True Legend Harris-Dupart, but now that we’ve met him, we are tempted to name him PERFECT,” she gushed. 

Alongside their statement to PEOPLE, the couple uploaded an emotional video of Brat’s delivery – which included the exact moment their baby was born. 

It didn’t take long for fans to flock to the comment section with congratulatory messages. 

One fan wrote: “Brat you did good. Welcome to motherhood.” 

Another fan commented: “Awww Brat’s face when they said we have a baby just made me tear up.”

Brat was also celebrated by some of her industry peers, including her Dish Nation co-host Tanner Thomason, who wrote: “ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Congratulations Brat and Judy!!! What a beautiful miracle!!”


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The happy news comes a few months after the Funkdafied rapper and Kaleidoscope Hair Products CEO  announced that they were “extending the family” on Instagram.

Brat and Harris-Dupart gave further insight into their journey and the pregnancy process in an additional interview with the aforementioned publication 

Da Brat said it “started as a joke”: “But then we got a huge response. It was like, ‘Oh my God do we want to actually have kids, and if we do, girl, we better hurry up!'”

The rapper, who rose to fame in the 1990s, said she never originally planned to have kids. I just thought it wasn’t in the cards for me,” she explained.

When she met Harris-Dupart, who is a mother of three from a prior relationship, she “started looking at life so differently,” adding: “I was like, I want a little me with you. Something special from the both of us that we can share and raise and love unconditionally.”

Da Brat, however, also experienced complications after she had to undergo surgery to remove fibroids and polyps prior to her embryo transfer procedure. Later, she suffered a miscarriage.

“I had never been so excited about something that I didn’t even know I wanted,” she said. “I fell in love with the idea and then it was all snatched away from me.”

“Luckily,” the couple still had a few eggs left from their anonymous donor, who they described as an “eager entrepreneur”.

Congratulations are in order for Brat and Harris-Dupart.