You will remember Conchita Wurst as the winner of the 2014 Eurovision competition, but you won’t recognise her now.

In the video for her new single, Hit Me, Wurst has a completely new look, with shocking white hair and beard. Tom Neuwirth, the man behind Conchita, has previously said he wanted to create a new persona, and that “with the bearded lady, I have achieved everything I wanted since the [Eurovision] victory, I don’t need her anymore, I have to kill her”. 

Gone are the long brunette locks, beard, and that iconic golden dress.

The new video sees Wurst strutting and dancing up and down a futuristic stretch of corridor filled with computer monitors, intercut with scenes of Wurst seemingly interrogating a bearded, tattooed man, as she tells him “cause i won’t let you threaten me and i won’t give you parts of me”.

This song was uploaded to Conchita’s YouTube channel, but it is unclear if this new look is an evolution of the bearded lady character, or a new direction for Neuwirth. The previous video, released a week ago for song Trash All The Glam, doesn’t give us a look at Wurst’s face, but does have bold WURST branding to match new social media display images.

This new look first appeared at the Life Ball charity night in Vienna, where the theme was The Sound of Music. Worst coloured her hair platinum blonde in order to play Maria von Trapp in the opening number, and it seems the look has stuck.

Watch the video for Hit Me below.