Kim Petras is scared of heartbreak on her latest release.

The millennial pop princess has teamed up with EDM trio Cheat Codes for brilliant new collaboration Feeling Of Falling, a song that contrasts the butterflies of new love with the emotions that linger of past breakups.

“All the other ones never stayed too long, just a hit and run, leading me along,” Kim laments on the bittersweet track, which sees her deliver irresistible vocals alongside the retro, stuttering beats of Cheat Codes’ dreamy production.

And yes, we’re pleased to report that Kim managed to sneak her signature ‘woo-ah!’ in there, too.

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“The feeling of falling in love is great but it’s hard not to think about or compare it to past experiences of heart break. It puts you in a really vulnerable place. It can be the best thing but also the worst,” explained Cheat Codes member Matt.

“I’m the biggest emotional so I really connected to the song,” added Kim. “Cheat Codes are amazing and I’ve had the best time collaborating on this one.”

Listen to Feeling Of Falling below.

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