Photo: Kane Layland

Cavetown has announced a new foundation called This Is Home Project, which aims to empower and support LGBTQ+ youth via donations to various queer-led organisations.

A minimum of $1 million will be donated over the next three years.

The following five charities have already been selected for donations: Black LGBTQIA+ Migrant Project (BLMP), True Colors United, Trans Lifeline, Black Trans Femmes in the Arts, and Stonewall.

In a statement, Cavetown said he “wanted to create a way to better support young LGBTQ+ people who are in need of financial help and resources, both on an individual and community-wide scale.”

“I’m also aiming to bring more funding to foundations whose sole focus is providing access to LGBTQ+ youth for physical and mental healthcare, safe housing, and a whole bunch more,” he added, before directing fans to for more information.

The star accompanied the announcement with frog, the third single from his upcoming album worm food. The music video sees Cavetown and his woodland instrument band playing in a mossy forest. There’s frogs, of course.

“frog is about my girlfriend! We were both too shy to ask each other to be boyfriend and girlfriend, so one day I showed her a frog meme that said, ‘GF stands for girl-frog and BF stands for boy-frog’ and I said, ‘that’s us!’” he said of the track.

“She makes me feel better when I’m too inside my head and helps me remember to be present with the ones I care about.”

Photo: Kane Layland

Cavetown continued: “The frog synth is a combo of Logic synths that I mixed together and was really fun to create. Similar to 1994, I thought about how the synth sounds would translate live and how people could hop around during the frog solo.

“I used to play a melodica at shows, which would have had a similar effect as the frog synth, but then we’d have to retune the entire set, so the melodica was retired for now.”

Cavetown’s first full-length album since 2020’s Sleepyhead, worm food was produced entirely by the star in his home studio.

Due for release 4 November, the album will also include 1994 and his beabadoobee-assisted collaboration, Fall In Love With A Girl.

You can watch the music video for frog here or below.