Thank god: Sarah Michelle Gellar, icon and “MOTHER!”, is returning to television.

On Thursday (27 June), it was announced that the OG vampire slayer and “Marcia f**king Brady of the Upper East Side” has been cast in the upcoming Dexter prequel series, Original Sin. 

According to reports, she will play Tanya Martin, the CSI Chief at the Miami Metro Police Department and the titular character’s (Patrick Gibson) new boss.

The 10-episode series, from Paramount+ and Showtime, will follow Dexter Morgan as he “transitions from student to avenging serial killer. When his bloodthirsty urges can’t be ignored any longer, Dexter must learn to channel his inner darkness.

“With the guidance of his father, Harry he adopts a Code designed to help him find and kill people who deserve to be eliminated from society without getting on law enforcement’s radar.

“This is a particular challenge for young Dexter as he begins a forensics internship at the Miami Metro Police Department.”

Original Sin is also set to star Christian Slater as Harry, Molly Brown as Debra Morgan, James Martinez as Angel Batista, Christina Milian as Maria LaGuerta, Reno Wilson as Bobby Watt, Alex Shimizu as Vince Masuka and Patrick Dempsey as Aaron Spencer.

Production is currently underway in Miami. Clyde Phillips, who worked on the original series, returns as showrunner.

Nina L. Diaz, president of content and CCO, Showtime, correctly described SMG as a “pop culture icon” who “perfectly rounds out our best-in-class cast”: “We’re thrilled to have her return to the Showtime/MTV Entertainment Studios family and join the origin story of the Dexter franchise.”


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SMG is best known for her groundbreaking role as Buffy Summers, who is often hailed as one of the most iconic characters ever put to screen, in the fantasy drama Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997-2003).

Buffy influential a plethora of series within the same genre, such as Charmed, Once Upon a Time, Orphan Black, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Wynonna Earp and Wednesday – pretty much anything that followed with a strong female protagonist at the helm.

The series also made history for queer representation, with Willow Rosenberg (Alyson Hannigan) and Tara Maclay (Amber Benson) blazing a trail as the first long-term lesbian relationship on American television. In addition, season seven included television’s first-ever lesbian sex scene.

On the big screen, SMG boasts legendary roles in I Know What You Did Last Summer, Scream 2 (both 1997), Cruel Intentions (1999), Scooby Doo (2002), Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed, The Grudge (both 2004) and The Grudge 2 (2006).

After returning to television in the acclaimed drama Ringer (2011-2012) and comedy The Crazy Ones (2014), SMG took a hiatus from the industry. She launched her comeback in Netflix’s lauded dark-comedy Do Revenge (2022) and Paramount’s supernatural drama Wolf Pack (2023), which was sadly cancelled after one season.

Earlier this year, SMG made her long-awaited guest appearance on the 16th season of RuPaul’s Drag Racewhich received near universal praise.

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