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After a three year hiatus, Billy Eichner’s Billy on the Street made an unexpected comeback in the lead up to upcoming film, Bros.

Eichner’s rapid-fire question series was a huge hit amongst fans.

The actor and comedian would run around New York City asking members of the public questions, usually with a celebrity guest in tow.

The 44-year-old announced the return of the series on 19 September in a tweet.

He wrote: “SURPRISE! The first BILLY ON THE STREET IN 3 YEARS drops TOMORROW!!!!!!”

Attached was a picture of Eichner with Ant-Man actor Paul Rudd.

The pair sported Bros merchandise, ahead of the film’s upcoming cinematic release.

The full-length episode featured the duo encouraging straight people to go and watch Bros.

In the three-minute clip, Rudd carried a man to see the film, meanwhile Eichner yelled “I’m sorry I’m not Florence Pugh!”

Pugh starred in Don’t Worry Darling, which will premiere in cinemas on 23 September.

They also rounded up a “pack of wild lesbians” who helped spread the word about the feature.

Billy on the Street is produced by Funny or Die.

The series had a monumental five-season run before Eichner axed the project.

He cited the pandemic for his choice to cancel the show, as well as wanting to explore other opportunities.

The latest episode wasn’t Rudd’s first appearance on the show.

He had two prior cameos on Billy on the Street: one for a solo episode, and another alongside fellow Marvel alum Chris Evans.

Bros comes out in the US on 30 September.

Meanwhile UK audiences can watch the film in cinemas from 28 October.