Having raised £25,000 through GoFundMe in the summer of 2020, the AZ Creative Fund has returned for its second phase.

AZ Magazine pledged £10,000 to be awarded to 10 Black LGBTQ+ creatives so that they could create a project of their choosing. After the first 5 grants were given out in 2020, AZ have announced they are opening applications for the next cohort. 

With £1,000 for each awardee, the fund will allow the creatives to amplify their voices through their chosen artistic mediums. 

Over the past seven years, AZ have created a self-funded, award-nominated online community. Now, AZ have announced they are teaming up with DJ Mag again.

In line with their commitment to continue supporting Black creatives in the music industry, the exciting partnership will provide sponsorship for an electronic music-focused project. 

The AZ Creative Fund is another project that shows AZ as a collective who aims to support and amplify the work of QTBPOC.

Applications are now open. For more information about the fund or if your brand would like to sponsor a creative please email contact@azmag.co.uk.