The first trailer for Tick, Tick… Boom! has arrived.

The Lin-Manuel Miranda-directed film adaptation is based on the semi-autobiographical musical of the same name by the late Jonathan Larson, who is best known for composing and writing classic rock musical Rent.

It stars Andrew Garfield as Larson, a young theatre composer who’s waiting tables at a New York City diner in 1990 while “writing what he hopes will be the next great American musical”.

The official synopsis from Netflix reads: “Days before he’s due to showcase his work in a make-or-break performance, Jon is feeling the pressure from everywhere: from his girlfriend Susan, who dreams of an artistic life beyond New York City; from his friend Michael, who has moved on from his dream to a life of financial security; amidst an artistic community being ravaged by the AIDS epidemic.

“With the clock ticking, Jon is at a crossroads and faces the question everyone must reckon with: What are we meant to do with the time we have?”

The film boasts incredible queer talent such as Love Simon’s Alexandra Shipp as Susan, The Boys in the Band’s Robin de Jesús as Michael and Pose’s Mj Rodriguez, who has been cast in an undisclosed role.

Vanessa Hudgens, Joshua Henry, Judith Light, Bradley Whitford, Joanna P. Adler, Noah Robbins, Ben Ross, Beth Malone and Joel Grey round out the ensemble cast.

In an interview with Jimmy Fallon earlier this year, Garfield said of working with Miranda: “You know Lin, he’s like a crazy mixture of the most precocious eight year-old genius student of life that won’t stop talking and has a reference to everything, while simultaneously being one of the greatest creative geniuses of our time.

“It’s this weird combination of having that eight year-old running around your ankles, but that eight year-old has also written Hamilton.”

Tick, Tick… Boom! will be released on Netflix and in select cinemas later this year. You can watch the trailer here or below.