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Paul Mescal and Andrew Scott have opened up about what they love about each other, and it’s adorable.

Over the last few months, the pair have made massive waves with filmgoers for their hit movie All of Us Strangers, which is written and directed by acclaimed creative Andrew Haigh. 

Based on the novel Strangers by Japanese novelist Taichi Yamada, the film follows screenwriter Adam (Scott) as he navigates a new romance with his mysterious neighbour Harry (Mescal).

However, things take a surprising turn when Adam comes across his dead parents (Jamie Bell and Claire Foy), who “appear to be living just as they were on the day they died, 30 years before.”

Since its premiere in the film festival circuit and subsequent wide releases, All of Us Strangers has received universal acclaim for its moving story, incredible acting performances and Haigh’s directing.

Alongside the aforementioned praises, the film has garnered attention for the electric chemistry between Mescal and Scott.

While the two dreamy talents have completed filming and are moving on to new projects, their love for each other continues to run deep. 

During a recent interview with Elle UK titled “Ask Me Anything,” the two Irish talents opened up about their close bond and what they admire most about one another. 

“The thing about Andrew is he’s wonderfully eloquent, but he lives by the things he says, which I think is all and well good sounding smart, but I think you have to live by it, and he does that in spades,” Mescal gushed. 

The Fleabag star echoed similar sentiments about the Normal People actor, adding: “When I think about Paul, I think there’s something that’s very forthright about you that’s really wonderful. It’s a really good quality. 

“You’re not backwards and coming forwards on things you believe, but some people really are. I think there’s a real difference between somebody being nice and somebody being good… and Paul is a really, really good person, and that’s what I love about him.”

Toward the end of their interview, the two acting talents described each other in three words, with Mescal stating that Scott was “funny, loyal, and quite protective.” At the same time, the Ripley star said the Aftersun actor was “really generous, fun, emotionally intelligent and wild.” 

Scott and Mescal’s recent interview comes a couple of weeks after the latter admitted to British Vogue that it was easy to “fall in love” with the former during filming. 

“We knew each other a little bit for sure – I’d say we were friends, and we share lots of friends. But on this we became very close because of the nature of this project,” he explained. 

“Not just because of the sex scenes but because of the emotional intimacy that these two characters share. That was just the perfect climate to fall in love with Andrew as a human being. It’s a very easy thing to do.”