Andrew Scott has shared a cheeky message to Fleabag fans who haven’t moved on from the show. 

Back in 2016, TV enthusiasts were first introduced to the popular BBC series, which starred Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Olivia Colman and Sian Clifford. 

Based on Waller-Bridge’s award-winning one-woman show, Fleabag follows the titular character – a free-spirited, angry and cynical woman –as she navigates her complicated relationship with her family, love and loss.

Upon its release, the first season received universal acclaim for its clever writing, the cast’s dynamic performances, and breaking “the fourth wall” – where the protagonist speaks to the camera and addresses the audience. 

Fortunately, fans were treated to new episodes of Fleabag in 2019, with All of Us Strangers star Scott joining the cast as the fan-favourite “Hot Priest” character. 

Like its debut, season two was an immediate hit, with many viewers falling in love with Fleabag and the Priest’s forbidden romantic relationship. 

Unfortunately, the two characters part ways during the heartbreaking series finale, which features the Priest delivering the iconic line, “It will pass.”  

While the show has been off the air for five years, Fleabag – especially Scott’s character – has continued to gain popularity among fans on social media.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, the Sherlock star addressed the show’s dedicated viewers with an important PSA. 

“Go out and get some fresh air. Stop watching. Stop crying. Stop crying in your room with your curtains closed,” he told the news outlet in between chuckles. 

“It’s a great show, we all love it, but come on now, pull yourself together. Open the curtains and go outside.” 

It didn’t take long for fans to flock to social media to share their hilarious reactions to Scott’s message. 

One person on X, formerly known as Twitter, wrote: “Not happening, I am afraid. It didn’t fucking pass, you liar.” 

Another fan echoed similar sentiments, tweeting, “Why is he calling me out like that,” alongside a crying emoji. 

A third user added: “About to watch Fleabag again just cause he’s said this.” 

Scott’s recent interview comes a few months after he embraced his iron-clad status as the “Hot Priest.”

“I think it’s great. It hasn’t prevented me from spreading my wings and it was such a wonderful character and there’s much worse things to be called in life,” he told PEOPLE in December 2023. 

Fleabag is available to stream on Prime Video in the UK and US.