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Ncuti Gatwa’s first solo adventure as the Time Lord has arrived, and it’s a huge hit with Doctor Who fans. 

Spoilers ahead 

On 25 December, fans were finally treated to Doctor Who‘s highly anticipated Christmas special, The Church on Ruby Road. 

At the start of the episode, a hooded figure is shown dropping off a baby outside a church in 2004. Nineteen years later, Ruby Sunday (Millie Gibson), who is revealed to be the aforementioned baby, is on a journey to try and find her birth parents. Unfortunately, the DNA testing that she has been using has not been successful.

As her search reaches a dead end, Ruby is hit with a string of bad luck, leading to various fateful encounters with the 15th Doctor (Gatwa). 

After witnessing a goblin kidnap a baby from her foster home, Ruby and the Time Lord embark on a dangerous adventure to save the infant.

Since its release, the episode has received universal acclaim from fans and critics, with many praising its epic action sequences, drama, campy musical number and heartwarming story. 

In addition to the aforementioned praises, viewers couldn’t get enough of Gatwa’s performance as the 15th Doctor. 

One fan on X (formerly known as Twitter) wrote: “I’m sorry, but WHAT just happened. The Doctor is singing?!! I LOVE NCUTI GATWA SO MUCH. This episode is everything I wanted and more.”


Another viewer echoed similar sentiments: “Doctor Who getting the camp treatment it deserves and the straights hate to see it.”

A third fan added: “That was pretty special indeed. And Gatwa knocked it out of the park, he’s my new Doctor for sure. No question.”

Fortunately, Gatwa’s 15th Doctor and Ruby Sunday are set for more exciting adventures in 2024. 

Shortly after the end of the episode, the BBC released a showstopping teaser for Doctor Who season 14.

In the brief trailer, the pair travel back to 1960s England and the Regency Era, where they encounter The Beatles at Abbey Road Studios, Jonathan Groff’s mysterious new character and Drag Race star Jinx Monsoon – who is set to play a challenging new villain for the Doctor.  

Lastly, the new Doctor Who season 14 teaser confirmed the return of Heartstopper star Yasmin Finney as Rose Noble and Bonnie Langford as Mel Bush. 

Check out more fan reactions below. 

Watch the teaser trailer for Gatwa’s first Doctor Who season below.