The creator of the Disney+ fantasy series Willow has shut down cancellation rumours. 

Back in 2022, fans of the 1988 film of the same name were finally treated to the highly anticipated sequel series. 

The show, which is set 17 years after the defeat of Queen Bavmorda, follows a group of unlikely heroes as they set off on “a dangerous quest to places far beyond their home, where they must face their inner demons and come together to save their world.” 

Following its eight-episode release, Willow received universal acclaim for its engaging storylines, LGBTQ+ representation and expanding the original film’s extensive lore. 

On 16 March, fans were left devastated when Deadline reported that the fantasy teen drama received the axe by Disney – two months after the show’s season finale.

However, a day later, the show’s producer Jon Kasdan revealed that the adventure series would be returning for a second season but was simply on an extended pause. 

“Dear Willow supporters (and vocal opposition, you guys get in here too),” Kasdan said in a lengthy social media statement.

“The outpouring of kind words, support and passion for our shabby idiosyncratic little show has been nothing short of mind-blowing and profoundly moving, not just for me, but for everyone who worked their butts off on it.”

Kasdan then refuted Deadline’s article, stating that the cancellation claims were heavily exaggerated. 

“I feel fairly confident that, if asked, neither I, nor the folks at Lucasfilm would or have actually characterized it quite in that way,” he continued. 

“The truth is less splashy, but here it is: A decision was made last week to release our main cast for other series opportunities that may arise for them in the coming year.

“With all the TV and movies in production around the world, it feels unfair to limit an actor’s availability without a clear sense of when you’re going to need them again. 

“If you’re asking what this means for you as a viewer, or me as the creator, here’s what I think it means: Due to forces much larger and more intricate than I would ever pretend to fully understand, the production of streaming shows is slowing down across the entire industry, and Willow won’t resume filming in the next 12 months.”

Fortunately for fans, Kasdan also revealed that Volume II of Willow has already been written. 

“We’ve developed and written what we hope is a brain-melting fun, richer, darker and better Volume II, which builds on the characters and story of our first eight episodes,” he added. 

“Ignore the bird, follow the river, I promise it’ll take you where you need to go.” 

Shortly after Kasdan’s announcement, fans took to Twitter to celebrate the hopeful news. 

One person tweeted: “Willow only being on a hiatus rather than cancelled is the best news I could’ve gotten today.”


You can watch the first eight episodes of Willow on Disney+.