Hannah Conda was intimidated by one queen in particular on Drag Race UK vs the World.

Although the Drag Race Down Under alum says she was most “gagged” to see the return of Tia Kofi and Mayhem Miller, she tells GAY TIMES that she was “petrified” when Marina Summers sashayed into the werkoom.

“[Marina is] professionalism and polish. There’s no faults on that bitch. She can dance, sing, do everything. I was like, ‘Oh fuck. Here we go. Buckle up!’” says Hannah, who reveals that the Philippines runner-up is the queen she’d be nervous to battle in a lip-sync smackdown.

“I only had to lip-sync once on my season and that was just by proxy as there was a final four and someone had to be in the bottom. I shouldn’t have been, but it’s okay! So, I can’t classify myself as a lip-sync assassin. If I had to lip-sync against Marina… oh my god.”

Hannah made her Drag Race debut on the second season of Down Under, where she made herstory as the first Australasian contestant to win three consecutive maxi-challenges – one of which was the Snatch Game as Liza Minelli. She ultimately placed joint runner-up with Kween Kong behind Spankie Jackson.

While it’s “only been a year” since Hannah competed, she says it was important for her to return to fully showcase her personality. On Down Under, she “felt a bit withdrawn, so I was excited to go [on UK vs the World] guns-a-blazing and making people laugh as my gay old self.”

“I’ve been doing drag for 13 years now. I know what I like to do, I know how to perform and make magic out of nothing,” Hannah continues. “So, you never know, I might be the queen of surprises. If you’re ready to jump on my train, c’mon kids, there’s plenty of room.”

The 11 queens competing for the ‘Queen of the Mothertucking World’ title are as follows: Arantxa Castilla-La Macha (Espana season 1), Choriza May (UK season 3), Gothy Kendoll (UK season 1), Hannah Conda, Jonbers Blonde (UK season 4), Keta Minaj (Holland season 2), La Grande Dame (France season 1), Marina Summers (Philippines season 1) Mayhem Miller (US season 10 and All Stars 5), Scarlet Envy (US season 11 and All Stars 6) and Tia Kofi (UK season 2).

Hannah describes the cast as “well-rounded and lovely” with an “incredible, diverse take on drag”: “We all have different walks of life and this season is pure joy. We say that drag is inherently political, and I think the most political thing we can do right now is to allow each other to experience joy.

“The world’s constantly changing and going crazy outside, the brief reprieve from all of that is powerful and special and that is political because it charges people to get up everyday and to keep living their best lives. That, for me, is what this season brings.”

The second season of Drag Race UK vs the World will see the return of RuPaul, Michelle Visage, Graham Norton and Alan Carr as regular panellists.

While details are scarce (for now), the season will follow in the footsteps of its predecessor (and Canada vs the World) with All Stars seasons two-four rules: a top two format and the power to eliminate one of the bottom queens.

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