Sudanese-American artist Dua Saleh is back with new music, marking the singer’s first release on their new record label, Ghostly International.

Yes, you read that right — Saleh has made their return with a new track and we can’t get enough of it.

The new single, ‘Daylight Falls’ marks their move to their independent label and explores the artist’s experience with dysphoria, depression and finding comfort in those closest to you.

Speaking on the new single, in a press statement, Saleh says: “I was thinking about a point when I was at my lowest, and being a friend for kids who might be feeling the same, at the brink of it, especially with all that’s going on with trans and abortion legislation. Everyone’s going through it.”

The artist adds: “It’s about healing and finding solace in people willing to listen to you in times of darkness. To encourage anyone to express troublesome feelings with someone, especially when you’re feeling at your lowest. I hope my art can be used as a tool to calm people in times of duress.

“My home country of Sudan has broken out into a Civil War and a number of people are dealing with the effects both physically and mentally. I’d like to highlight a non-profit organization, Darfur Women’s Action Group, that is working to assist marginalized communities in Sudan and in Darfur at this time. Please contribute what you can.”

In an accompanying music video, Saleh depicts the importance of human connection.

You can watch the official music video for ‘Daylight Falls below.