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Festival season is well underway. However, the blaring music and never-ending nights can be a little too chaotic if you aren’t properly prepared! Here’s a few festival tech tips, using Apple products, to make sure you have the smoothest festival season you can hope for.

  • Live music is an experience like no other. That isn’t to say festivals can’t be too loud for too long sometimes. If you’re going to quite a few festivals, chances are you’ve considered the unlikely possibility that you might shatter your eardrums if you do too much in one go. Luckily, you can protect your precious ears with AirPods Pro and Max’s Adaptive Transparency, a setting that filters out loud sounds around you to protect your hearing without drowning out the music! Perfect for blocking out that one group a couple of rows behind you who are shouting a little too enthusiastically for an early afternoon set. 
  • The person who stops jumping up and down to take ‘the perfect photo’ for their socials is a certified killjoy. However, sometimes, Rina Sawayama pulls out flawless synchronised choreography that you have to let the world know you witnessed. In that case, the iPhone 14’s Action Mode is the perfect solution – you can get a perfect shot of the stage while moving about without any of the blur that comes with aggressively shaking your phone in excitement. Filming the stage in Action Mode means you’ll get a whole load of snapshots in crisp quality. 
  • But what about the other side? Sometimes, you look so good that you need to let the world know. Festival fits are a phenomenon in themselves. If you need to capture a glorious solo or group moment, you can use the camera remote on your Apple Watch to take a full-length photo from a distance.  
  • One thing about festivals is that you do not stop moving. Surely, you don’t want all of those steps to go to waste? If you need to brag about how you haven’t stopped, then make sure to show literally every around you your Activity app on Apple Watch. Even better, if you start a Dance workout on the app at the beginning of a set, it’ll track your exercise while you’re busting a move. Maybe not so useful for a Phoebe Bridgers set.
  • One of every festival-goer’s fears is losing your ticket. If you’re a little tipsy, that suddenly becomes a much more likely scenario. The best way to avoid that situation is to add your festival tickets to Wallet, on your iPhone or Apple Watch. That way, you don’t risk being locked out of the grounds or losing your mates! 
  • To protect yourself from the pickpockets that sometimes run loose on festival grounds, you should definitely set up Apple Pay on your iPhone or Apple Watch. Then, you can walk around without carrying cash and make safer, more secure purchases. 
  • We’ve all been there – you want to see Charli XCX but Arctic Monkeys are headlining on the other stage at the same time. All of a sudden, your group is divided. Or even if you’ve just lost each other in a Girl in Red mosh pit. The Walkie-Talkie app on the Apple Watch is perfect for making sure you can easily communicate with your friends again. 
  • The only bad thing about a great DJ set is that there’s a high chance they’ll play some bangers that you’ve never heard. With the way that these 3 am sets go, you may never hear the song again. In that case, before the chance goes, use Shazam! That way, you can identify and save any new music you love.