Bowen Yang has spilled some tea about his gay Wicked character.

On 27 November 2024, fans will finally be treated to the highly anticipated movie musical Wicked: Part One.

Based on Gregory Maguire’s bestselling novel of the same name, the epic musical fantasy will explore how the misunderstood green-skinned Elphaba Thropp (Cynthia Erivo) became the Wicked Witch of the West; as well as her unlikely friendship with the future “Good Witch” of Oz, Glinda Upland (Ariana Grande).

In addition to Grande and Erivo, the magical new films are set to star Fellow Travelers talent Jonathan Bailey, Everything Everywhere All At Once star Michelle Yeoh, and Yang, who recently shared details about his role in the film.

During the 14 February episode of his hit podcast with Matt Rogers, Las Culturistas, the Fire Island star described his character of Pfannee as a “hater”.

“Everyone, get ready: I’m really showing my range, I’m playing a gay guy,” Yang joked.

“But you know, I’m playing a hater for the first time. He’s not just any gay guy – Pfannee is a hater. This guy sucks! Frankly, he’s a racist. He sees a green person, and he goes, ‘I’m gonna f***ing ruin that person’s life.'”

Elsewhere in the episode, the Saturday Night Live star revealed that he collaborated with director Jon M. Chu and Grande on how he could give his character more depth.


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“I will say, the discussions going into Pfannee… Jon M. Chu, god bless him, is a director, down. No small parts. He’s like, ‘Let’s sit down and talk about Pfannee and ShenShen,'” he explained.

“I think we arrived at something really interesting. I can’t wait for you guys to see.”

Yang’s interview comes a few months after his co-star Bailey teased that the two upcoming films will leave fans blown away.

“It’s such a psychologically rich material. And we know it as really exciting theater with an incredible score and amazing numbers, but when you put it on film, the reality of these characters and nuances of their psychology, it’s just going to blow everyone’s mind,” the Bridgerton star explained to E! News.

After gushing about the movie’s “amazing” production value, Bailey went on to praise Yeoh’s upcoming performance as the villainous Madame Morrible.

“I mean, who doesn’t want Michelle Yeoh and everyone else sort of dancing around and singing? It’s gonna be amazing,” he added.

Check out the first trailer for Wicked: Part One here or below.