Fila Gold FW21 has introduced a brand new range of versatile streetwear which celebrates the brilliance of functional fashion.

In sepia hues, Fila Gold integrates practicality with a youthful fashion-forward flair.

The modern collection seeks to expand upon Fila’s heritage of luxury sportswear with current menswear trends and styles.

Clean, strong silhouettes are complemented by the soft khaki and camels used in the military-inspired palette.

Cargo joggers, snug high-neck knitwear and jackets offer endless possibilities to elevate the contemporary streetwear aesthetic.

Using a highly tactile approach, the textures featured within the collection emphasise the overarching utilitarian mood.

Durable nylon ripstops, wax cottons paired with waffle knits are perfect for city exploring and outdoor dwellers.

Taking a closer look at a selection of the stand-out pieces, the tailored Holmes jacket features a pinstripe high-neck and embellished with gold rubberised branding finish the reinvented winter coat.

Meanwhile, a black long-sleeve polo shirt is contrasted with a white collar, fastened from the front by a camel-colour zip.

You can check out Fila’s incredible new Gold collection here via their website.