Ts Madison has opened up about her fiery critique from the recent episode of Drag Race All Stars 8.

Spoilers ahead.

During the season’s third episode, the 10 remaining queens had to create three “shop-dead-gorgeous” outfits for the grocery-themed Supermarket Ball.  

“First category is Legendairy Queen, a look inspired by the dairy section. [The] second category is Fruity Patootie. That’s right, a look inspired by nature’s candy,” Ru informed the queens. 

“The final category is Supermarket Supermodel. You need to create a high-fashion look using items you’d find at the supermarket.” 

While each competitor presented unique and iconic looks on the runway, Mrs. Kasha Davis’s third and final outfit struggled to make waves with the judges – especially Ts Madison. 

“This, Kasha. This. I. Hate,” the Bros star told the season seven alum during critiques. 

“Honey, it looked like a bag of broken rubbers, honey. You know those colourful rubbers, the cheap ones?” 

Guest judge JoJo Siwa also had a colourful response to Kasha’s ensemble, comparing the queen’s dress to a “three-year-old who couldn’t make up her mind on what birthday party to have.” 

In response to Siwa’s critique, Madison added: “This is definitely a birthday party that I would not have eaten any of the cake, girl.”  

While Kasha held her head high during the critique and thanked the judges for their feedback, her time in the competition came to an end after Jessica Wild pulled her lipstick. 

“I definitely feel disappointed. But I have learned it is a waste of time to have regrets. Maybe I could have streamlined my look. But I’m gonna have it created into something fantastic for the future by an expert who sews,” Kasha said during her exit confessional. “And you know Mrs, Kasha Davis, she’s always #grateful.”  

Shortly after the episode aired, Madison took to Twitter to clarify her unfiltered critique of Kasha. 

“I love Mrs. Kasha Davis but that look was not IT!!” she wrote. 

Madison’s recent appearance on All Stars 8 was an instant hit with Drag Race fans on social media, with many calling for her to be a permanent judge. 

One fan tweeted: “I loveeeeeee seeing you on the panel ! Not only we are blessed with the beauty that is Maddie, but your opinions are so it ! Love you.”

Another fan wrote: “Ts Madison should be a permanent judge on every season and that’s a demand!” 

On next week’s episode of Drag Race All Stars 8, the queens will be tasked with creating trailers for a “sickening scripted series.” 

Madison is also set to return to the judges’ panel for next week’s release. 

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