The Drag Race beef between Kim Chi and Eureka has taken another turn.

On 13 May, the two queens made headlines after Eureka’s Very Delta podcast interview went viral on social media.

During her sit-down, the Drag Race alumni discussed a variety of topics, including a “fight” she had with Kim on the Werq the World Tour.

After recalling how she lost her bags on tour, Eureka told Delta: “I got into the biggest fight with Kim Chi, I was so pissed at her. I went to her and was like, ‘Do you have anything I could borrow? A stretch dress? Anything?’

“This was when she was going through her era of like, ‘I’m not a big girl.’ She was just like, ‘Eureka, I don’t have anything in your size.’ I was just like, ‘Okay, that’s delusional.’

“I was a skinnier version of myself, and it also just felt, like, hateful. We’re sisters, we’re on tour together, and I got upset about it like, ‘Okay, fuck you girl.'”

Despite Eureka adding that they worked through their differences, it didn’t stop the online trolls from inundating Kim with vile abuse about her weight.

In response to the hate, the Drag Race season eight star took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to address Eureka’s comments and online hate.

“The amount of body shaming I’ve received in the last 24 hours over someone’s falsely embellished story is actually wild?” she wrote. “I didn’t want to air out my personal struggles, but I actually struggled from depression and leg injury and have gained a lot of weight.

While Kim’s X statement briefly touched on Eureka’s drama, she gave further insight into her side of the story during a recent episode of her 1 for the Table podcast.

“That’s not what happened at all. I’m not entitled to loan her any outfit because she’s not my friend. We’ve never been friends. We were never cool, and we never fucked around like that,” she explained.

Addressing Eureka as “this person,” Kim went on to claim that the season 10 star didn’t have the “best hygiene” while on tour.

“For example, they had a jumpsuit that would get drenched in sweat after their performance, which it happens. Most of the time, you hang sweaty things up so it can air out and dry.

“Well, this person would wrap the sweaty jumpsuit up, put it in a plastic bag, and carry it from city to city. Every time, this entire person’s luggage would smell like strong mildew, like vinegary mildew.”

Kim went on to recall another situation that involved an open wound, adding: “This person had like an open puss in their stomach that they were… instead of getting treated for whatever reason, they would cover it up with duct tape, which is also baffling.

“If I were to loan this person something, basically, I’d be giving up… I’d never worn that again. If that makes me a bad person, so be it.”

Shortly after Kim’s interview was released, Drag Race fans flocked to X to share their thoughts on the ordeal.

One person tweeted: “What if Kim Chi and Eureka announce a makeup collab after this…”

Another user added: “Kim Chi really said fuck it and spilled all Eureka’s business.”

A third fan wrote: “The drag race drama this week has been killing me. First, it was the live where they were talking about someone’s micro. Now it’s Kim vs Eureka.”

Here’s to hoping Eureka and Kim are able to work through this rift.